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Carly Bernadotte

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Professional Goal Statement:

As a professional, my goal is to be a skilled clinician with focuses in orthopedics and the geriatric population, including balance and vestibular patients. I want to continue to be involved in community fall prevention for older adults. I strive to treat my patients as a whole person and to include general health and wellness in everything I do. I also have a special interest in health policy and want to continue to stay active in advocacy for our profession. As my career continues, I want to stay up to date with new ideas and interventions, always following an evidenced based approach to treatment.

Career Path and Future Plans:

  • May 2015- Graduated from University of Michigan- Dearborn with a BA in Health Policy Studies
  • June 2016- Clinical Affiliation at Blue Ridge Grace Health Care Hospital in Morganton, NC
  • March 2017- Clinical Affiliation at KORT Outpatient Physical Therapy in Lexington, KY
  • May 2017- Clinical Affiliation at Presbyterian Home of Hawfields Skilled Nursing Facility in Mebane, NC
  • May 2018- Clinical Affiliation at Southeastern Outpatient Physical Therapy in Black Mountain, NC
  • August 2018- Graduate from University of North Carolina with Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree
  • Fall 2018- Become employed at an outpatient physical therapy clinic in southeastern Michigan.
  • 2019- Take Continuing Education to improve my vestibular therapy treatment skills
  • 2019- Get involved with the MPTA or APTA special interest groups
  • 2020-Begin or become involved with an existing community fall prevention program for older adults.
  • 2021-Become an APTA certified clinical instructor and take a student


  • Strengths:
    • Ability to communicate and build rapport with patients
    • Positive Attitude
    • I have an interesting point of view of the medical field due to my Health Policy Degree and examining the financial state of our health care model during my bachelor’s degree
    • Interest in staying up to date and advocating, attended NEXT 2016 in Nashville, TN
    • Experience with billing and minute distribution in SNF setting
  • Areas of Improvement:
    • Improving my manual therapy skills and increasing my experience
    • Continue to build my network of professionals as I enter my career
    • Improve my knowledge and experience of various and more complex orthopedic conditions and treatments for them.
    • Continue to build my skill set when working with high-level patients and athletes

Main Objectives 

  1. Obtain my DPT degree
  2. Obtain PT Licensure
  3. Become and outpatient Physical Therapist with a specialty of treating older adults
  4. Become involved in my community creating a falls prevention program for older adults


Specific Strategies for Professional Development

  1. Have an outpatient clinical rotation for my final rotation to develop more experience with manual skills as well as orthopedic conditions and treatments.
  2. Continue attending conferences to further develop my knowledge of current research and pressing issues in the physical therapy community.
  3. Stay active at the state level for advocacy of the profession by attending advocacy dinners and the capitol building to speak with state senators.
  4. Maintain APTA membership



PHYT 875 Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention

PHYT 870 Integrated Clinical Experience with Mike McMorris at UNC Family Medicine-Outpatient Physical Therapy

Service Learning Trip to Guatemala


I was lucky enough to work with Vicki Mercer, as well as my classmates Anthony Augliera and Kristin Wright on a Learning Module that can train volunteers for or give the structure to create a Fall Prevention Program for Community Dwelling Older Adults. Materials found below.


Samples of Work:

1.Critically Appraised Topic: Specific Exercise for Fall Prevention in Older Adults

2. Fall Prevention Program for Community-Dwelling Older Adults

3. Wii-Hab Presentation Summary : (Wii Games Chart) (Specific Games by Diagnosis)



Reflective Statement

The last 3 years at UNC have been a challenging, yet extremely fulfilling experience. I have learned so much information while consistently feeling supported by my peers and the faculty in the DPT program. I have been able to expand my interests and really dive into areas I have always loved, such as geriatrics. Being able to work in a SNF setting that I had no experience in was a great opportunity to explore a setting that I may potentially work in one day. I also frequently had the opportunity to further my knowledge on my subjects of interest, while also being required to explore other areas that I may not have had as much interest in. However, I always learned something from these subjects that helped me in practice. I am grateful that I have gotten to explore different areas of practice and was continually challenged to be the best provider that I could be. I would like to work in the outpatient ortho setting right after graduating, but would love to continue to focus on working with older adults and continue with that in my career. I would love to be able to get involved in my community and advocate for older adults in the areas of fall prevention and staying active.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 17 Jun 2018 at 10:30 pm

    Carly: Nice job on your portfolio. It provides a nice overview of your work here. I wish you the best as you embark on your professional career! Lisa


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