Apr 10 2016

Monroe, Genevieve

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  • Professional Goal Statement
    • My professional goal is to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, and effective physical therapist, combining evidence based practice with my foundational physical therapy knowledge, treating patients with optimal care. I plan to work in the aquatic setting with adults of varying diagnoses from orthopedic to neuromuscular in nature, proving one on one interventions and education. My goal is to be a professional student, always striving to learn and evolve my skills, while simultaneously being an effective teacher to my patients and DPT students as a future Clinical Instructor.
  • Career Plan
    • Spring 2013- Complete pilot research study and presentation- Comparing Gait Patterns of Division 3 Texas Athletes and Active Older Adults (65+)
    • May 2013- Graduate with B.S. Exercise Science from Schreiner University
    • Fall 2013- Join APTA and Aquatic Section of the APTA
    • August 2016- Gradate with Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
    • September 2016- Being working as a physical therapist in the outpatient aquatic setting in the Triangle NC
    • October 2016- Pass the NPTE and become a licensed PT in North Carolina
    • Fall 2016- Take classes and sit for Aquatic Physical Therapist Certification from the APTA
    • 2018- Become a certified clinical instructor and work with DPT students as a CI
    • 2019- Become certified in Dry Needling
    • 2020- Move to Houston Tx and obtain new PT job focusing on outpatient aquatic therapy.
    • 2035- Teach at local DPT program
    • 2050- Retire and live at the beach
  • Self Assessment
    • Strengths
      • Clinical experience in the following settings:
        • Outpatient orthopedic
        • Post-Op patients, Various Orthopedic Injuries, Orthopedic interventions in therapeutic pool for aquatic therapy
        • Acute care
        • Pulmonary, infectious diseases, medicine progressive care unit, and the Medicine ICU
        • In-Patient Rehabilitation
        • Medically Complex Patients: Amputees, fractures, spinal surgeries, cardiopulmonary, and general debility
      • Foundation in Evidence Based Therapy
      • Ability to build professional relationships with past clinical instructors
      • Interest and participation in local and national physical therapy conferences
      • Communication skills and ability to develop professional relationships with each patient as an individual
      • Passion for continually learning new material and teaching others
      • Belief that Physical Therapy is not just a career, but that it is a vocation that I have been called to
      • Understanding of exercise science and the importance of advocating for health and wellness of all people.
      • Background in mentorship to students and coaching soccer
    • Areas for Professional Development
      • Working experience in the clinical setting
      • Exposure to a variety of interventions in the aquatic setting
      • Further experience with financial management and billing systems
      • Continued experience with patients who have had neurological diagnoses
      • Clinical reasoning and evidence based practice
    • Objectives
      • Graduate from Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in August 2016
      • Study, sit for, and pass the NPTE in October 2016 to become a licensed physical therapist in NC
      • Develop and increase clinical reasoning and evaluation skills with patients who have a variety of orthopedic or neurological diagnoses
      • Obtain a short-term job in NC (3-5 years) and long-term job in Texas (10-15 years).
      • Study, sit for, and pass the Aquatic Therapy Certification from the APTA
      • Attend National and State APTA conferences
    • Specific Strategies 
      • Prepare for the NPTE boards by combining various study strategies such as study groups, practice examinations, reviewing materials, completed case studies, and online questions via PT apps.
      • Attend job fairs in the area and NC PT capitol meetings to build report with future employers in hopes of obtaining a job post graduation 2016.
      • Obtain experience in the aquatic setting from my next clinical affiliation, attend classes, study for, and pass Aquatic Therapy Certification from the APTA
      • Seek employment where APTA membership and attending conferences for continuing education is viewed as highly important and encouraged


  • Product Examples from DPT Coursework
  • Reflective Statement
    • When applying for DPT programs across the United States, I never imagined that I would actually end up in North Carolina at UNC. I feel so blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to attend UNC’s DPT program. Over the past 3 years, I have learned more than I knew possible and have pushed myself father than I thought I could. I look back on this experience and know that our professors took numerous opportunities to provide us with the best education to prepare us to be wonderful, driven, productive, efficient, and determined entry-level clinicians. I know that the UNC DPT 2016 class has a bright future ahead because of the dedication that of those who taught us these past few years. I know that I am blessed to have been supported through this entire journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds.
    • As I look forward to the future, I see myself passing the NPTE board in October, obtaining a job here in the Triangle, and working as a motivated, determined, and excited entry-level clinician. Between my ICE experience, all of my clinicals, and my capstone project, I believe that I will be seeking employment and opportunities to pursue my love of aquatic physical therapy.


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