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Medlin, Matthew

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Professional Goal Statement


My goal is to own a sports medicine orthopedics physical therapy clinic working with elite level athletes for performance enhancement and return from injury. This clinic will offer services to improve individual performance through the most up to date research and advanced technology.


Career Plan


  1. Exercise and Sport Science degree 2009 – UNC Chapel Hill
  2. DPT 2013 – UNC-Chapel Hill
  3. Sports Medicine Residency 2013-14
  4. Member of Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy 2013
  5. Outpatient Orthopedics/Sports Medicine Experience practicing PT 2014-2020
  6. Orthopedics Specialist in Physical Therapy Certification 2015
  7. Sports Specialist in Physical Therapy Certification 2015
  8. Physical Therapy Department Manager Outpatient Sports Medicine Clinic 2021-2027
  9. Continuing education Fiscal Management, Reimbursement and Resource Allocation Strategies 2020
  10. Physical Therapy Sports Medicine Clinic Director 2028
  11. Sports Medicine Orthopedics Private Practice Owner 2038
  12. Retirement 2052


Self Assessment



  • Extensive history/background in many sports including baseball, basketball and football, with strong desire to remain connected with the athletic population
  • Undergraduate degree in EXSS and related coursework in areas of Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, etc. that can assist in areas of sport performance in all domains of personal growth
  • Excellent foundation in training and familiarity with evidence based practice and continuing education strategies
  • Beginning education in financial management and cost control strategies as they relate to physical therapy practice
  • Very high interest in further developing and utilizing special tests for orthopedic patients
  • Moderate knowledge and experience with performance enhancement training
  • Special interest in shoulder pathology



  • No experience as autonomous practicing physical therapist
  • No management experience for any previous jobs
  • Special test application and clinical reasoning need further development
  • Need to improve skills in leadership and business management
  • Enhance network of connections in the field
  • Evidence evaluation and assessment skills warrant improvement
  • Need more experience and training in other sports/skills such as running, golf, soccer, etc that will help expand my population base
  • No athletic training background that could have provided excellent foundation for transition into sports medicine
  • Could improve LE biomechanics and kinetic chain understanding for running/gait analysis
  • Need improvement with time management skills and efficiency relating to delivery of services for multiple patients at one time in outpatient setting
  • Need improvement in developing POC that delineates clear path towards d/c
  • Could improve manual therapy skills with back pain, neck pain and other potential pathologies to improve outcomes and safety



  • Prepare for Licensure examination by studying > 10 hours per week in proposed weak areas that include cardiopulmonary, other systems, modalities and differential diagnosis. Additionally, continue to master neuro topics and musculoskeletal.
  • Manage 2-3 patients at one time while on last clinical rotation independently without sacrificing quality of care including appropriate one-on-one manual and assessment planning with delegation of tasks to appropriate personnel accordingly.
  • Present in-service presentation on scapular taping with integrated feedback and updated evidence for streamlined incorporation into practice.
  • Utilize and co-treat with other more experienced PTs running/gait analysis motion capture cameras at last clinical rotation site to improve skill in improving evaluation of specified pathologies.
  • Improve understanding of reimbursement models and administrative aspects of privately owned outpatient settings.


Specific Strategies

  • Plan to study 2 hours per night during the week on the previously mentioned topics
  • Diagram and outline time management process for task specific goals the night before handling multiple patients as scheduled in clinical rotation setting.
  • Update evidence via pubmed and other reputable journal evaluations. Incorporate evidence into practical application presentation with consideration given to private outpatient setting and specific setting/population needs.
  • Interview for and find job where patient population matches fulfillment for requirements in orthopedic specialist criteria
  • Sign up for APTA membership following graduation to access privileges such as Hooked on Evidence and other database tools following graduation
  • Give strong consideration to orthopedic residency programs in local area including UNC-CH, Duke, etc.
  • Identify colleague mentors in areas of manual therapy, LE pathology associated with foot and ankle, and neck pathology
  • Communicate better with fellow students on potential tools for improving outcomes with specific patient diagnoses


Clinical Coursework related to Goals

  • EBP 752
    • Identify and perform research appraisal for scapular taping for specified subacromial impingement pathology in overhead athletes. Improve appraisal skills and practical application of research conclusions. I need to greatly enhance my ability to detect research bias and methodological flaws that render results difficult to translate into practice.
  • Ortho 875 Elective
    • Enhance skills with tissue specific properties and special considerations for healing/injuries. Integrate coursework into research specific paper on tendon pathology as it relates to elbow biomechanics in overhead throwers. Improve fundamental understanding of tissue mechanics incorporation into everyday patient communication and POC development and implementation. This will help me identify pathologies of the UE and orthopedic injuries that could be presented in later clinical settings.
  • Capstone 854 Course
    • Improve evidence incorporation as well as material development. Continue to improve cultural awareness, health literacy as well as ways in which to help educate fellow colleagues by remaining professional, engaging and direct without losing interest.


Examples of progression towards Goal

  • Doctoral Project: For this project I identified subacromial impingement as a significant limiting pathology associated with overhead athletes. I performed a very comprehensive and exhaustive search and appraisal of the most up-to-date research. From there I was able to incorporate findings into an evidence table that summarized findings and conclusions as well as implications for practice. Finally, those findings were integrated into a powerpoint material for education of colleagues, students and more on the subject that included a basic fundamental grasp of scapular/glenohumeral joint osteology, arthrokinematics, etc. and the impact of this specific pathology on the aforementioned areas. Additionally, my evidence review was offered to help provide a commentary on the potential use of scapular taping methods as a tool to combat and improve this condition. Capstone Project
  • Completion of Orthopedic PHYT 875 elective coursework and related research on Valgus Extension Overload in Overhead Throwers Valgus Overload and Valgus Overload Tables and Figures
  • Participation in final clinical setting lunch meetings that include reimbursement strategies, administrative considerations, billing and profitability discussions as well as communicated dialogue in therapeutic options for enhancing patient care.


Overall Progression

I think one glaring need is that I need to identify a mentor to help me in my proposed areas of interest as well as my perceived weaknesses. For example, I really would like to utilize my current rotation’s clinic owner to help improve my running and gait analysis skills as he is quite accomplished in that arena. Additionally, I would like to further enhance my understanding of the shoulder and related components of typical pathologies. Also, I need to improve my planning and efficiency with patient care and POC development. Right now I would argue that my treatment skills are very moderate in skill and that I need to take my ability to progress patients while managing other patients simultaneously to the next level.  Also, I really need to focus my efforts on finding the best location/setting to work in following graduation so that I can improve my clinical skills in the proposed areas I need for my professional development.

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  1.   Mike Grosson 24 Jun 2013 at 8:29 pm

    Matt- I had no idea that you were such a famous baseball pitcher! you had Rick and I going on that one. Seriously, I really enjoyed having you in the 875 class. You did a great job and it was nice to get to know you a little bit, even if it was in cyberspace. Best of luck, Mike Gross


  2.   Lisa Johnstonon 27 Jun 2013 at 8:25 pm

    I am happy to see all your progress and your goals. I think you would make an awesome sports resident. We would love to have you apply for the ortho residency too 😉 Congrats on all you have accomplished and good luck to you.


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