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Kensrue, Paige

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Professional Goal Statement

My ultimate career goal is to become an outpatient orthopedic therapist working in the world of sports, serving athletes of all different levels and abilities. I will also aspire to become a professor in a physical therapy program after I have become established in my career for an extended period of time.


Career Plan





  1.  Previous personal sports experience including injuries
  2.  Clinical educational and previous work experiences in outpatient orthopedics
  3.  Developing network of sports and orthopedic physical therapy colleagues
  4.  Skill in evidence-based clinical practice and research

Areas for Professional Development

  1. Continue to refine and develop orthopedic and manual clinical skills
  2. Develop knowledge of requirements/suggestions of credentials for entry into sports world of physical therapy
  3. Pursue emergency/first responder credentials for field coverage



  • Continue to develop clinical evaluation and intervention skills through completing an orthopedic or sports residency program.
  • Pursue continuing education opportunities to build manual skills
  • Complete a sports-specific fellowship program to further my experience in rehabilitation of athletes
  • Become involved in a physical therapy education program as an assistant professor

Specific Strategies

  • Select courses that will address my educational and clinical needs and areas of professional development
  • Select a mentor that will guide me in my pursuit of orthopedics and sports
  • Participate in and attend sports and orthopedic section meetings and continuing education
  • Pursue in-class assignment and project topics that would expand my knowledge in orthopedics and sports
  • Create a capstone project that will further my knowledge and experience with research in my field of interest
  • Form a plan of study for the state board exam
  • Identify schools and programs offering sports and orthopedic residencies
  • Continue to establish a core network of professional colleagues in the specialty areas

Course Plan and Objectives

Advanced Orthopedic Assessment

  • I will choose this elective in order to further my knowledge and skills with management of orthopedic impairments and conditions.

Orthopedic Elective

  • This elective course will serve to advance my clinical skills and knowledge of orthopedic clinical practice. The elective will include a teaching assistant position in the first year musculoskeletal course along with time in the clinic and completion of a home study course in orthopedics.

Capstone Project

  • My capstone project became an additional educational resource in the first year musculoskeletal course entitled “Rehabilitation Considerations for the Overhead Athlete.” I presented the material to the first year students in order to introduce specifics of therapy for the shoulder with a sports medicine focus. I felt that this project also provided a great experience in teaching to address my future aspirations of becoming a professor.


Product Examples

I began PT school wanting to work in sports medicine and with an athletic population, but also did not want to pigeon-hole myself at the beginning of the program. I explored other interests including pediatrics with one of my rotations at Levine’s Children’s Hospital working on the inpatient pediatric rehabilitation floor. While I was there, I was able to present an inservice on therapeutic hypothermia for pediatric patients: Pediatric Therapeutic Hypothermia. It was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever, but I finally knew for certain that I wanted to be in sports and orthopedics. I thus began my quest to gain as much knowledge as I could concerning the world of orthopedics. In the fall of our third year, my evidence-based practice paper was about mobilization with movement techniques that could be used with shoulder impingement: MWM_KeyPoints. I strayed a bit from this topic for my final capstone project, which turned into a teaching model about introductory concepts concerning treating the athletic shoulder. One of the final products for my capstone project was a video depicting possible exercises to use with overhead athletes for the students to access:


You can also visit the capstone site to learn more about the project itself: http://dptcapstone.web.unc.edu/category/current-students-spring-of-2013/kensrue-paige/


Reflection Statement

These last three years have certainly been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but overall I know that I have become a better person and therapist thanks to this program. It is crazy to think how much I have learned and experienced in the past three years including teaching a teenager to walk again after a spinal cord injury, watching a total knee replacement surgery, seeing the smile on a patient’s face when they come in and say they are finally getting better after years of back pain, and sending a high school soccer player back on the field after months of ACL rehab. In my mind, there is no better profession. As physical therapists, we have the opportunity to connect with people and ultimately improve their daily lives.

Through this program, I have also learned what it means to be an advocate of the profession. In my mind, it is imperative that we are all involved in how our profession is viewed among the public and among other healthcare professionals. In learning how much room there is to grow, I want to be a part of where physical therapy is going.

Overall, I feel as though I am making progress to my long-term goals of becoming a sports medicine therapist and eventually assuming a teaching role in a DPT program. The steps I have taken thus far and my clinical experiences have prepared me to assume the role of a sports medicine/orthopedic PT. I am excited to take the plunge as a new graduate in these next few months. GO HEELS!

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4 Responses to “Kensrue, Paige”

  1.   Mike Grosson 24 Jun 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Paige- Paige- Thanks for all of your contributions to the program. Your academic work was stellar, contributing to your own learning and that of your classmates. We also really appreciate your many administrative contributions helping out with work-study here in the Division and up at the clinic. Best of luck to you, Mike Gross


  2.   Mike McMorrison 24 Jun 2013 at 8:51 pm

    Nice presentation, you’ve thought out the career steps in detail. Not sure you’ll need to wait until 2030 to move toward academia based on your capstone presentation in MSK 1 which was fantastic. Really appreciate all your work as a TA and work study for the division this year. All the best to you!
    mike m


  3.   Carla Hillon 25 Jun 2013 at 1:19 am

    You have really set yourself up for great success as a physical therapist in ortho/sports and have a solid plan for future growth in your area of interest. Your overhead athlete presentation in MSK 1 (including video) was great. I’m confident you will make great contributions to the profession in upcoming years.


  4.   Lisa Johnstonon 27 Jun 2013 at 7:19 pm

    It has truly been a pleasure. Thanks for all your hard work including the help to the Division in your work study role too. you have consistently given your full effort. keep these efforts up and you are sure to do amazing work. Keep in touch!


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