May 21 2019

Speer, Anna

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Reflective Statement

It has been such an honor to journey through the UNC Physical Therapy Program. I am so grateful for the way this program has shaped me. It has provided a firm foundation of the knowledge of human movement, both of normal movement and of movement disorders. It has honed my skills in evaluation and physical therapy diagnosis. It has filled my hands with tools that I can give to patients to help alleviate pain and improve function. Finally, it has cultivated a desire to not just sink to the status quo but to go the extra mile to provide the best care possible, whether this means performing a thorough review of the evidence when a clinical question arises or taking the time to wait for a translator to arrive in order to assure the highest quality communication.

When I first entered the program, I thought that I wanted nothing to do with acute care. During my first rotation at Wake Med Hospital, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed that setting. As I progressed through other rotations, including my final rotation at UNCH, I realized that acute care was where I wanted to land. I also enjoyed the volunteer events that gave me the opportunity to interact with the geriatric population. This past year, my involvement with the Community Health and Mobility Partners Program (CHAMP) has allowed me to combine my passion for preventative care with my love for the geriatric population. Through participation in this program, I have grown in falls prevention screening and intervention, which is so important for this population. I know as an acute care physical therapist, I will have ample opportunity to interact with the geriatric population.

I am grateful to my community of friends and family who have supported me along the way, as well as to all the UNC faculty who invested in my learning, and who modeled commitment to the profession. As this journey through UNC Physical Therapy Program winds to a close, I am looking forward to continuing to grow and learn as a practicing physical therapist.

Examples of Work

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 11 Jun 2019 at 4:51 pm

    Anna: Thanks for sharing your reflection and your samples of your work. Nice to see this! Good luck to you! Lisa


  2.   Vicki Merceron 14 Jun 2019 at 1:54 am

    It’s been great to see your growth as a PT! Thank you for your contributions to the CHAMP program.

    Best wishes-


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