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Kohler, Andrew

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Professional Goal Statement

My goal is to become a successful physical therapist equipped to rehabilitate a variety of patients including individuals with neurological impairments and higher level functioning patients with orthopedic injuries. My aim is to enhance the individual’s functional mobility to maximize his independence or to facilitate return to prior level of function. I plan to establish myself in a community in North Carolina and wish to become involved with international/outreach medical missions (specifically in Hispanic regions).

Career Plan

Past Accomplishments

  • May 2013: Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Spanish from Clemson University
  • June-August 2014: Clinical Affiliation. Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation at Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg, NC
  • March – April 2015: Clinical Affiliation. Acute Rehab (ICU Neuro/Trauma Unit) Moses Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, NC
  • April – June 2015: Clinical Affiliation. Inpatient Neuro Rehab at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Columbia, SC
  • April 2016: UNC Physical Therapy Outreach Service-Learning Trip to Guatemala
  • May – July 2016: Clinical Affiliation. Outpatient Ortho at Trinity Wellness Center in Raleigh, NC

Future Plans

  • August 2016: Earn my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from UNC-Chapel Hill
  • October 2016: Pass the NPTE; become a licensed physical therapist
  • Fall 2016: Begin working in ether an outpatient orthopedic clinic or outpatient/inpatient neuro clinic in NC.
  • 2017 – 2025: Pursue International medical missions
  • 2021: Obtain OCS certification
  • 2026: Obtain either supervisory/management position or APTA CI certification

Self Assessment


  • Establishing patient rapport with a variety of individuals with different cultural backgrounds
  • ICU physical therapy experience on the Neuro and Trauma floor
  • Work well in a team setting and individually responsible
  • Passion to serve others through my profession and service trips abroad.
  • Heavy interest and history/participation in sports and athletics

Areas of Professional Development:

  • Further development of manual techniques/skills for orthopedics and neuro facilitation
  • Maintain and improve my Spanish linguistic skills in the health care setting
  • Further understanding and negotiation with different reimbursement and insurance policies
  • Seek network connections for job opportunities and international service trips.


  1. Graduate from UNC Chapel Hill with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in August of 2016.
  2. Become a board certified physical therapist and obtain professional licensure to practice physical therapy in NC.
  3. Seek networking opportunities with sport rehab clinics or outpatient neuro clinics to encourage my job hunt for Fall 2016.
  4. Achieve proficiency in performing literature reviews and presenting relevant and practical research to my colleagues.

Specific Strategies

  • Develop a study plan and prepare for the National Physical Therapy Exam in July 2016.
  • Continue my studies in medical and conversational Spanish through organized Spanish tables, courses, or developing friendships with native Spanish speakers.
  • Create and update a resume to include all relevant material for an entry-level position.
  • Seek clinical education opportunities to enhance my ability to provide the highest quality of care to my patients.


Elective Courses:

  • Fall 2015 Electives:
    • PHYT 875 (3 credits): Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention
    • PUBH 613 (3 credits): Intermediate Spanish for Health Professions
  • Spring 2016 Electives:
    • PUBH 615: Advanced Spanish for Health Professionals (3 credits)
    • PHYT 895: Interdisciplinary Service Learning Trip (1 credit) Guatemala

Professional Products

Below are products I have created during my growth and development as a student and future physical therapist.

  • 2016 Capstone Project: My Capstone Project was developed to serve as an educational lecture to the Guatemalan therapists and therapy students during the UNC PT Outreach Service Learning trip. I translated the material and presented in Spanish to facilitate the learning experience for the Guatemalan therapists. A full description and all materials presented can be found on the UNC DPT Capstone website under my name.
  • EBP CAT: In our Evidence Based Practice course I developed a Critically Appraised Topic for the following clinical question: “For high school and/or collegiate female soccer players does an ACL prevention program reduce the incidence of ACL tears compared to not participating in an ACL prevention program?”


Reflective Statement

The last three years in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UNC Chapel Hill have been filled with professional and personal challenges and triumphs. It has been an honor to represent this program. UNC has provided an outstanding team of faculty and researchers for me to learn from. A special thanks goes out to them for their support and guidance. I continue to have the desire to pursue a career that serves to provide the highest quality of care to individuals so that they can improve the life experience. My passion for working with the Hispanic community has grown and my professional skills have developed thanks to the elective courses and service trip to Guatemala. My interest in orthopedics and neurological PT has blossomed and I foresee myself pursuing a career in one of these settings. UNC has provided me a powerful foundation to build my career as a lifelong clinician and learner.

Lastly, words cannot express my gratitude to my fellow classmates. You all have been my rock throughout these 3 years and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Together, we endured the late nights of studying and preparation and together we share the fond memories outside of academics filled with laughter. We have grown to become part of the UNC family and our friendships will last a lifetime. Thank you.


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