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Erich, Annemarie

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Professional Goal Statement

After earning a DPT degree in August 2016, I plan to serve my beloved state of North Carolina as evidence-based Physical Therapist. Initially, I hope to work in a large teaching hospital with the possibility of transitioning to outpatient orthopedics within 5 years. During my time as an outpatient therapist I plan to seek specialty certifications of OCS and WCS. Becoming specialized in these areas will allow me to have a more in-depth understanding of the complexities of each patient presentation, increase tools in my treatment “toolbox,” and assure that I remain an evidence based clinician.

As a PT I want to positively impact those I am treating as well as my profession as a whole. I hope to partner with local organizations striving to impact the health and wellness of the local community in which I practice. I will emphasize the provision of resources and patient education with those I meet and/or treat in hopes to make a lasting impact on their view of health and wellness. Long-term and career long goals include mentoring aspiring therapists, involvement in research, as well as NCPTA and APTA endeavors to protect and improve our profession

During my tenure, this program has exposed my strengths and weaknesses, developed my clinical interests, and broadened my view of my capabilities as a PT. Allow me to describe the specifics of these realizations in this portfolio.



  • Wide variety of clinical experience with various patient populations and diagnosis including: outpatient orthopedics in the VA setting, general acute care in a large hospital, home health pediatrics, and cardiothoracic surgery in a large hospital
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with co-workers and patients
  • Developed positive, mentor/mentee relationships with CI’s in Charlotte and the Triangle.
  • Soon to be new graduate with up-to-date knowledge
  • Open-minded, flexible, and optimistic about pursuing different settings of PT practice throughout my career

Areas for further Development:

  • Clinical experience and knowledge
  • Experience with billing, charges, and reimbursement policies
  • Seek opportunities to further develop teaching and management skills
  • Ability to self-assess

Areas of Interest:

  • Orthopedic clinical specialty
  • Pelvic rehabilitation
  • Cardiopulmonary focus in the acute setting


  1. Prepare and sit for National Physical Therapy Exam in July 2016.
  1. Obtain a job in the RDU area at a hospital/clinic with mentorship access to further my learning and confidence as a new therapist
  1. Pursue continuing education opportunities related to pelvic rehabilitation, orthopedics, and/or a newly developed passion depending on job setting
  1. Develop clinical teaching skills in order to be a clinical instructor in the future
  1. Consistently participate in/support one local health and wellness organization using my skillset within the first 2 years of my career

Career Plan:

* = Completed

  • May 2012: Graduate from UNC-CH with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, Minor in Women’s Studies*
  • July 2016: Sit for and pass the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy Examination
  • August 2016: Graduate from UNC-CH with DPT
  • September – October 2016: Search for and procure a job in the acute care setting at a teaching hospital.
  • October 2016- 2018: Grow as a PT and get involved in community organizations promoting health and wellness.
  • August 2019: Explore transition to outpatient or residency interests
  • January 2021: Complete transition and/or additional clinical specialty training (OCS, WCS)
  • January 2022 and beyond: Become a clinical instructor, participate in NCPTA meetings/efforts, continue community service, keep developing PT skills to become a seasoned clinician.

Specific Strategies

  1. Select 3 electives during 3rd year that will develop my skill in areas of interest and expand my view of healthcare provision and health and wellness on a local and international scale.
  1. Develop a plan of study for the board exam with a study group and be vigilant about studying during the months leading up to the exam.
  1. Continually critique my resume and research, contact, network with possible future employers as capable during months leading up to and after graduation
  1. Identify mentor(s) who could guide me through the job application process and further develop my clinical interests (Lisa Johnston, Carla Hill, Randah Whitley, Lane White)
  1. Use NCPTA and APTA organizations as a tool to build a network of colleagues with whom to explore the many opportunities this profession can offer.

Coursework & Product Examples:

Advanced Orthopedic Assessment (3 credit hours): This class was a welcomed challenge as it answered many lingering questions following previous coursework and clinical experiences. I owe an increased confidence in assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions to Dr. Mike Gross and this curriculum.

Integrated Clinical Experience (1 credit hour): Hands on learning has always been more enjoyable and retainable in my experience. This class afforded me the mentorship of Carla Hill while we evaluated and treated patients with a variety of MSK conditions

Location: UNC Wellness Center at Northwest Cary

Faculty CI: Carla Hill, DPT, MPT, OCS, Cert MDT

Tyrrell County Service Learning Trip (1 credit hour): For the past 7 years UNC DPT, Nursing, Social Work, and Public Health travel to Tyrrell County, NC to promote health and wellness in the community. Students and faculty partner with local community leaders to determine how to focus our efforts each year. This class sparked an interest in service-oriented ways to use my training as a PT.

International Service Learning Trip, Guatemala (1 credit hour): This nine-day trip to Antigua Guatemala to work alongside PTs, nurses, and community leaders was no doubt the best spent time of the past 3 years. I was fortunate to see a glimpse of a healthcare system outside of the United States, which provoked many personal and professional considerations moving forward in my career.


  • Advanced Orthopedic Assessment, Final Paper:

The Second Metatarsophalangeal Joint and Associated Pathology

  • Musculoskeletal II, Case Study Presentation:

MSK II Case Study- LBP

  • Capstone Project, “A Review of Non-Exercise Interventions for Knee OA”

During my 1st clinical rotation at the VA, I examined many patients with lengthy problem lists. One typical MSK aliment, which I began to expect during chart review, was knee OA.

Patients, with variable responses to exercise treatment, presented many questions to my CI and myself concerning alternative treatment for this condition. I decided to direct my capstone towards reviewing the evidence for non-exercise treatment of knee OA. Interventions I chose to investigate included visosupplementation injections, corticosteroid injections, platelet rich plasma injections, ACI procedure, and OATS procedure.

The products of my efforts included an evidence table of quality research for chosen interventions, a Voicethread for orthopedic PTs receiving similar questions from affected patients, and a patient education brochure describing treatment options. For more information on my project and to view products click here.

Reflective Statement:

Throughout my life I have been interested in physical activity within sport and organized exercise along with the benefits I reaped from participation. During observations in diverse PT settings I began to attend more to the variance in each patient’s ability level and the extent of their participation in physical activity and intentional exercise. These experiences lead me to the stark realization that I myself am only temporarily able. My ability to perform a sports activity, exercise class, or even ADLs could change tomorrow. This new insight gave the profession of physical therapy a special meaning, which I had not recognized before.

Three years ago I embarked on a journey to become a physical therapist. Being presented with the various paths down which to take my career has allowed me to narrow my interests somewhat. As I mentioned above, I hope to develop my orthopedic and pelvic rehab skills while also focusing on community service related to health and wellness promotion. This program has assisted with narrowing my interests, but also in fueling the fire for service using the knowledge base I have acquired. During my third year I participated in two service-learning trips (Antigua, Guatemala and Tyrrell County, NC), which will forever change the way I view my role as a physical therapist. In exposing me to these experiences, this program has given me an invaluable perspective of the inter-relatedness of socioeconomic status, race, education level, geographic location, etc with the overall health and wellness of a given individual. These trips and coursework along the way urge me to continue to serve locally and internationally after graduation. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to utilizing the skills bestowed to me by UNC Chapel Hill in my budding career as a physical therapist.


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