Apr 27 2020

Carter, Katherine

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Professional Goal Statement

As a new graduate my professional goal is to gain sound and adaptive clinical skills through experience working with patients in an acute care setting. I hope to take the foundational education and respect for evidence-based practice instilled in us by this program and use these to help patients with a broad range of treatment needs. Eventually, I would like to work as part a physical therapy team dedicated specifically to the treatment of patients with neurological conditions in an acute care setting and/or transition to a Neurological Inpatient or Outpatient facility, and progress towards a Neurologic Specialist Certification.


Education and Career Experience


  • B.A. in English Literature and Communication Studies from UNC Chapel Hill
  • Worked as a litigation assistant and paralegal with Workers’ Compensation clients for approximately four years


Doctor of Physical Therapy, UNC Chapel Hill 2017-2020

  • Clinical Rotations
    • Cone Health at Adams Farm – Greensboro, NC (Outpatient)
    • UNC Health at Hillsborough – Hillsborough, NC (Acute Care)
    • Carolinas Rehabilitation at Belmont – Belmont, NC (Neuro/Underserved)
    • UNC Health – Chapel Hill, NC (Neuro Acute) planned for June 2020 – July 2020
  • Elective Coursework
    • Advanced Orthopedics Assessment and Interventions
    • Research Experience pertaining to Dr. Vicki Mercer’s CHAMP program
    • Integrated Clinical Experience
    • Tyrrell County Service Learning trip


Future Goals and Career Plan

  • Graduate from the UNC Doctor of Physical Therapy program, Fall 2020
  • Pass the National Physical Therapy Examination, Fall 2020
  • Begin working at a respected hospital with the opportunity to progress to a Neuro focus
  • Become a Clinical Instructor by 2022
  • Become a Neurologic Clinical Specialist (NCS) by 2028
  • Obtain a position at an Inpatient or Outpatient Neuro facility
  • Contribute to evidence-based treatment through a clinical research affiliation



  • Strengths
    • Communication – Through my education and prior work experience I have learned how to clearly communicate with patients and advocate on behalf for their needs. I have experience navigating complicated governmental and institutional systems to attain needed services for a client, and I intend to use this skill to help patients access needed resources as well.
    • Connecting with patients – I am able to connect with patients during treatment sessions and work with them to create goals and exercises that are relevant to them personally.
    • Team player – I genuinely thrive working in a team environment and learning from my coworkers. I am happy to pitch in and contribute to the overall goals of the team.
    • Continual learner – I have continually sought out additional education experiences to expand my knowledge of evidence-based therapy and learn new treatment skills that may be beneficial to my patients.
    • Self-motivated – I push myself to attain and exceed expectations in all areas of my professional life. I take constructive-criticism to heart and seek to always improve my skills.
  • Areas for Professional Development
    • I would like to seek out additional training and certification in Vestibular Rehabilitation.
    • After gaining a few years of clinical experience, I would also like to take on a leadership role with my employer by attaining a managerial position.
    • I would also like to participate more actively in the APTA as my career progresses.



  • Complete my final clinical rotation and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination
  • Obtain a position that includes a mentorship program and advancement opportunities
  • Increase knowledge base through work with patients with neurological conditions and become NCS certified.


Specific Strategies

  • Research and seek interviews with programs with mentorship opportunities
  • Maintain APTA membership and utilize networking opportunities
  • Join the APTA Neurology Section special interest group
  • Seek out continuing education opportunities with a neurology focus


Product examples


Reflective statement

Through this program and our clinical affiliations, I feel that I have grown leaps and bounds not just in my ability to identify impairments and create appropriate treatment plans, but also to see the patient as a whole and support them in their recovery. My professors and clinical instructors have emphasized the importance of physical therapy grounded in evidence-based practice and I look forward to using the education and foundational skills that I have learned at UNC to provide holistic, quality care to my future patients. I hope to grow as a skilled clinician through careful and diligent clinical practice and to contribute to our expanding knowledge base by participating in future clinical research affiliations.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 30 Jun 2020 at 7:13 pm

    Katherine: Great job on your portfolio! Nice to see examples of your work. You have accomplished a lot while you were here! Good luck to you as you move into practice. Stay in touch! Lisa


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