May 21 2019

Shelton, Candace

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Professional Goal Statement

I hope to become a pediatric Physical Therapist based in North Carolina with a skillset enabling myself to provide my patients and their families with compassion and evidence-based quality care. My goal is to provide the best practice and treatment to my patients and their families by initially utilizing a mentorship program with a more experienced pediatric Physical Therapist in my first few years. I believe this will further develop my skills and knowledge ensuring a smooth transition from a graduate program to a board-certified Physical Therapist. I ultimately hope to complete a Pediatric PT Residency after gaining more experience in the field and obtain my Pediatric Specialist Certification.

Career Plan

  • May 2014: Graduate B.A. Exercise and Sport Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • August 2016: Begin UNC Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program
    • Clinical Affiliation I (8 weeks) 2017: Hugh Chatham Memorial Outpatient Orthopedics, Underserved Rotation
    • Clinical Affiliation II (8 weeks) 2018: Haynes-Inman Education Center; Pediatric Neuro
    • Clinical Affiliation III (8 weeks) 2018: UNC Medical Center; Acute Care
    • Clinical Affiliation IV (12 weeks) 2019: Abilitations Children’s Therapy and Wellness Center
  • Sit for PT Licensure Exam – July 2019
  • Graduate with Doctorate in Physical Therapy – August 2019
  • Obtain employment as Physical Therapist in NC in pediatric or orthopedic clinic – August-September 2019
  • Apply for Pediatric Residency in pursuit of Pediatric Specialist Certification – 2022



  • Ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with patients/caregivers/families
  • Well-rounded experiences in outpatient orthopedics implementing aquatic therapy, pediatric, and acute care settings (36 weeks)
  • Passionate about working with children and their families/caregivers

Areas for Further Development

  • Familiarity with adaptive equipment and bracing
  • Improved facilitation techniques using NDT


  • Prepare and sit for Board Certification in Physical Therapy in July 2019
  • Pursue continuing education courses, specifically those related to NDT for pediatrics and AFOs and other types of bracing for the pediatric population, Fall 2019
  • Obtain a job in the Winston-Salem area at a hospital/clinic with primarily pediatric population that also supplies a mentorship program to help transition from the graduate program to practicing clinician, Fall 2019
  • Apply to Pediatric Residency Programs, Fall 2022

 Specific Strategies

  • Work in acute care or outpatient pediatric setting that offers a mentorship for new graduates upon graduation from the UNC DPT program of Fall 2019
  • Complete continuing education coursework focused on relevant treatment and interventions for the pediatric population.
  • Attend the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference each year.


  • Fall 2018
    • Advanced Orthopedics Assessment and Intervention
  • Spring 2019
    • PHYT 885: Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention
  • Teacher Scholar – Motor Development and Human Movement Across the Lifespan


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Reflective Statement

Looking back on these past three years in the UNC DPT program, I can see how much I have grown in my knowledge and skills. I can remember how daunting treating patients, developing a plan of care, and assessing differential diagnoses seemed during our first year and it is very rewarding to realize how much I have evolved and grown. This program has allowed me to challenge myself through my choice of electives and clinical rotations and given me the opportunity to have an ample amount of experience in the pediatrics setting. I feel that I have been given countless opportunities throughout the program that have helped my confidence grow and prepared me to effectively treat patients.

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  1.   McMikeon 20 Jun 2019 at 11:36 am

    Nice job on your portfolio! I know the ped.s patients you work with are going to benefit greatly from your knowledge, skill and personalized care! Congrats!


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