Apr 10 2016

Davis, Nicole

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Professional Goal Statement

My professional goal is to become a compassionate and competent clinician who is confident with providing evidence-based physical therapy services. My current interests are focused on treating women and men with pelvic floor pathologies but I would also like to further develop my orthopedic skills so that I can approach these patients more globally. Through continuing education and clinical experience, I plan to broaden my pelvic floor and orthopedic evaluation and treatment techniques. Ultimately, I would like to collaborate with a Women’s and Men’s Health physical therapy practice that values people, evidence-based practice, professional development, education, work-life balance and diversity.

Career Plan

  • Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science, UNC-Chapel Hill, Spring 2013
  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy, UNC-Chapel Hill, Summer 2013 – 2016
    • Outpatient Orthopedic Clinical Rotation, John Wallace Sports Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Nags Head, NC, Summer 2014
    • Acute Care Clinical Rotation, Carolinas Medical Center – Main, Charlotte, NC, Spring 2015
    • Inpatient Neurological Clinical Rotation, Carolinas Rehabilitation – Main, Charlotte, NC, Summer 2015
    • Outpatient Men and Women’s Health Clinical Rotation, UNC REX Outpatient Physical Therapy, Raleigh, NC, Summer 2016
  • Received Level 1 Pelvic Floor Certification with Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, Spring 2016
  • Participated in the UNC Physical Therapy Outreach Service-Learning Trip to Guatemala, Spring 2016
  • Expected to graduate with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, UNC-Chapel Hill, Summer 2016
  • Train and practice with a temporary license in Berkeley, California with a Women and Men’s Health outpatient physical therapy clinic, Summer 2016
  • Obtain Physical Therapy Licensure in the State of California, Fall 2016
  • Lifelong involvement with the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) and APTA
  • Ongoing Continuing Education and Professional Development



  • Organized and skilled in stress- and time-management; able to maintain a work-life balance
  • Considerate of and empathetic to personal and cultural backgrounds
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Commitment to life-long learning

Areas of Professional Development

  • Increase knowledge and confidence related to prognosis, assessment, and intervention progression for individuals with pelvic floor conditions
  • Commitment to professional development
  • Networking and developing relationships with PTs and other health professionals


  • Graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Doctor in Physical Therapy, Summer 2016
  • Obtain first job with an outpatient pelvic floor physical therapy clinic, practicing with a temporary license, Summer 2016 thru Fall 2016
  • Prepare and pass National Physical Therapy Exam, Fall 2016
  • Become an active participant of IPPS and member of APTA, Ongoing
  • Pursue continuing educational opportunities in pelvic rehabilitation and orthopedics, Ongoing


  • Organize course materials and develop a study schedule to prepare for the National Physical Therapy Exam, Summer 2016
  • Complete final 12-week rotation in an outpatient pelvic floor-focused physical therapy clinic, Summer 2016
  • Attend Level 2A Pelvic Floor Course with Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, Spring 2017
  • Contribute to the Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Center’s weekly blog, Ongoing
  • Maintain relationships with clinical instructors and professors for mentorship post-graduation, Ongoing
  • Sustain APTA membership and seek IPPS involvement; attend sponsored events/meetings, Ongoing

Electives and Other Coursework


After graduating from Carolina in Spring 2013 with my BA in EXSS, I was conflicted with the decision to continue my schooling at UNC-Chapel Hill or venture off to a PT program in big city with a larger class size. Three years later I am thankful that I made the choice to receive my DPT at UNC-Chapel Hill.  I have worked alongside faculty and peers that have and will continue to positively influence our profession.  I am truly grateful for the experiences and opportunities that this program has afforded me both professionally and personally.

One of the most amazing aspects of physical therapy that I was not aware of before entering this program is how our skills can be applied to a variety of patient populations. I was in awe when I learned that physical therapy could be applied to the pelvic floor. Women’s and Men’s Health physical therapy is a relatively new interest of mine and because of this, many of my projects have focused on other areas within the profession. However, I am excited to complete my outpatient pelvic floor clinical rotation this summer and continue my education in this specialty.

Going forward, I anticipate the exciting challenges and experiences that a profession in physical therapy grants and I look forward to providing the best care to my patients. Above all, I am truly grateful for the lifelong lessons and friendships I have made through this educational journey.

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  1.   Vicki Merceron 15 Jun 2016 at 4:39 pm

    I’m glad that you have found an area of PT practice that you are so passionate about! You have the compassion and sensitivity that will serve you well in this specialty area.

    It’s been a pleasure to work with you during your time in the DPT program!

    Best wishes-



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