Apr 20 2015

Kamm, Annette

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Professional Goals

My professional goals include: to utilize my expanded knowledge to provide evidence based practice that informs clinical decision-making and promotes positive outcomes. My ultimate goal is to bring knowledge into the community and to advance physical therapy as a viable healthcare choice for adult and elders.

Career Path/Plan

  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, B.S. Education, 1985
  • Washington University, St. Louis, MO, M.S. Physical Therapy, 1992
  • Worked in California in multiple settings: acute care, home health, hospital based SNF, hospital affiliated SNF. Attended continuing education opportunities in NDT, PNF, burns. 1993-1997
  • Relocated to North Carolina 1997 and have worked in multiple settings: SNF, rural hospital, outpatient orthopedics, Level II trauma center. Attended continuing educations opportunities in acute and outpatient spine, shoulder, PRI, including regular attendance at CSM.
  • Enrolled in UNC tDPT program, Fall of 2013
  • Complete UNC tDPT program, Spring of 2015


I entered the tDPT program with positive expectations of delving further into all things clinically related to physical therapy. I was certain this was a natural extension of my career path. Initially, I questioned my ability to conquer the computer technology. The program brought to light gaps in my knowledge and helped me become a well-rounded practitioner.


Fall of 2013

  • To hone my critical thinking process
  • To improve my ability to express my ideas in a public forum
  • To become a Geriatric Certified Specialist

Spring of 2015

  • To volunteer with the community based falls prevention program, CHAMP
  • To implement ICU based competencies at Mission Hospitals for appropriate 3rd year students, novice therapists, and colleagues new to the ICU.
  • To become a Geriatric Certified Specialist by 2017
  • To continue ongoing development of my IT and writing skills


In PHYT 824 Health and Wellness, I developed a proposal that addressed the underserved population of drivers within the trucking industry. You can view it here: KeepTruckin4.

In PHYT 875 Ortho, I investigated clavicle fractures.  This is particularly valuable because I live in a mountain biking mecca where these injuries are common. I work at a Level II trauma center where initial diagnosis is confirmed. This armed me with new knowledge with regard to operative and non-operative outcomes of these injuries.

In PHYT 885 Neuro, I explored the diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Because it presents much like aging, physical therapist can do much to improve the quality of life of individuals with this neurodegenerative disease.

Reflective Statement

As I reflect upon my experience over the last 2 years, I thank the faculty and UNC for this amazing opportunity. It surpassed my expectations. This tDPT program updated my practice beyond clinical skills. It equipped me with new knowledge and technology aptitude to be a better conduit of patient-centered care, research, and education. It provides the platform for ongoing research and administration. It reaffirmed my choice to be a part of a dynamic profession as a life-long learner. I look forward to additional opportunities that challenge my personal and professional growth.



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