May 29 2014

Albright, Jason

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Professional Goal Statement– My goal is to become a respected board certified orthopedic physical therapist in an outpatient clinic with a high geriatric population and a focus on community outreach. More specifically, I plan to establish a fall prevention network with other health professionals and organizations in the community to equip older adults with the knowledge and confidence to prevent falls.


Career Plan

  • Graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree – August 2, 2014
  • Obtain DPT license upon passing the North Carolina PT Boards Exam – October, 2014.
  • Begin working for an outpatient physical therapy clinic specializing in orthopedics with a large geriatric population- October 2014.
  • Connect with the North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention branch of the NC Department of Health and Human Resources- November, 2014.
  • Begin to implement plans to establish a network for a community-wide fall prevention program- December, 2014.
  • Start initial phases of promoting and advertising for a comprehensive fall prevention program- January, 2015.
  • Annually renew my APTA membership May 2015.
  • Focus CEU’s on orthopedics, wound care, and fall prevention through the first five years after graduation.
  • Become certified as a clinical instructor by 2016.
  • Participate in a medical mission trip within first five years.
  • Become board certified orthopedic specialists by 2018.
  • Consider opportunities for career advancement in a direction of owning my own clinic.
  • Consider retirement after 30-35 years.


Self Assessment

Strengths Areas Needing to be Developed
Personal desire to help older adults avoid the side effects of falls. Networking skills
Clinical experience with balance disorders, orthopedics, and custom orthotics. Manual skills
Presenting and teaching to various groups Operating a private business
Observation skills Mentor in orthopedics
Team player with good work ethics, and willing to go the extra mile Lack of experience with cardiopulmonary diagnoses


  1. Obtain passing marks for PT licensing test.
  2. Continue to develop observational, manual, and clinical reasoning skills.
  3. Implement community wide fall prevention program by networking with local health professionals and organizations.
  4. Develop skills needed to manage a private clinic.

Specific Strategies-

      Fall Prevention Program

  1. Perform a literature review for best evidence on causes of falls.
  2. Perform a literature review for best evidence on fall prevention interventions.
  3. Develop a business plan for a fall prevention program.
  4. Develop a comprehensive fall prevention presentation, with associated exercise class.
  5. Contact local health professionals that are interested in partnering to help prevent falls community wide by identifying and referring elderly to appropriate heath care provider.
  6. Contact local gyms, senior centers, and churches to set up dates and times to present material.
  7. Hold meetings and inservices for local partners to help each other know when to refer and why to refer to other professionals.

       Career Advancement

  1. Follow study plan for licensure and board specialist exams.
  2. Identify an orthopedic and business mentor that will encourage and inspire me to become a greater PT.
  3. Continue to renew APTA membership and UNC access to Health Science Library Resources.
  4. Enroll in continuing education classes that provide me with opportunities to improve my knowledge and application of skills in orthopedic population.
  5. Get involved with local NCPTA district, and attend APTA conferences as able.

Product Samples

This past fall, the Health and Wellness class gave me the opportunity to work through the details of establishing a fall prevention program.  The end result was a proposal that explains the who, what, when, where, and how to begin a fall prevention program.

In the Evidenced Based II class last fall, I focused my research on interventions that are used to prevent falls.  This lead to an evidence table and research paper that answered the PICO question,

“For a community dwelling patient that is 60+yrs old, and deconditioned with increased fall risk, would a general group exercise class with fall prevention education or a multifactorial intervention approach decrease fall risk more in 6-8wks?”

My capstone built upon my literature review and health and wellness project.  To find out more about my capstone you can visit this link to view my presentation and handouts.

Reflection Statement

Reflecting these last three years, I wish I had more time so I could take advantage of the invaluable resources and faculty this program has to offer.  The faculty has done a great job at guiding my reasoning without restricting it.  They have pushed me where I needed pushing, and encouraged me when I need encouraging.   Having had the opportunity to work in the clinic with several members of the faculty, it has given me greater confidence as an upcoming autonomous practitioner.  I have learned and I am confident in identifying, assessing, and applying best evidence.  This program has equipped me with the necessary skills to advance not only my career but also our profession.

I’d like to the thank all my professors, and clinicians that have poured their time and effort into helping me become a professional that is dedicated to our wonderful profession of Physical Therapy.  I am looking forward to what my future holds for me, and I feel that I am ready to meet the challenges ahead.  I have already taken steps toward establishing a fall prevention program with my capstone presentation, and I have made key contacts in my hometown region. I have already been contacted by several local churches to present to their senior citizen groups.  I hope that I will be able to continue to grow this program from the ground up.

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