Apr 20 2017

Tran, Melody

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Professional Goal Statement

I believe I have a fiduciary duty to be a positive influence in my patients’ and their caregivers’/family’s lives. I strive to be most effective in making this impact on the greatest number of people through an organization that prioritizes holistic and quality care; cost-effectiveness and accountability; and teamwork and compassion. Through continuing education and clinical experience, I hope to achieve an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification to gain an insightful understanding of health care delivery through evidence-based rehabilitative and preventive measures. Coupled with my background and experience in health administration, I intend to bridge these different but synergistic skill-sets to meet a broad spectrum of needs among patients, their families, and the team of providers who carry out their health plans. Throughout my career, I aim to make meaningful contributions toward the profession of physical therapy, the health care industry, and the world of academia.

Career Plan (0 – 5 Years)

  • Sit for PT Licensure Exam – July 2017
  • Graduate with DPT (UNC-CH) – August 2017
  • Attain an orthopedic specialist certification
  • Attain a lean/six sigma certification (green belt)
  • Explore PhD interests and involvement in research and academia



  • Master’s degree in Health Services Administration (2014)
  • Process and Quality Improvement experience using Lean methodology
  • Certified Personal Trainer by American College of Sports Medicine (2013)
  • Leadership experience as UNC SPTA Vice President, Student Advisory Committee class representative, and Division of Physical Therapy representative on the Allied Health Sciences Communications Committee
  • Personal qualities in taking initiative, communication skills with patients and colleagues on an interdisciplinary team, and quick/efficient and flexible learner

Areas for Professional Development

  • Experience treating patients with neurological conditions through the continuum of care
  • Advanced clinical reasoning and EBP with appropriate exercise progressions for complex and higher-level patients/athletes
  • Continue cultivating professional network and relationships with career mentors


  • Graduate with a DPT from UNC – Chapel Hill
  • Become a licensed PT
  • Maintain ACSM CPT and earn specialty certification of OCS


Strategic Plan

  • Complete a unique 12-week affiliation with an administrative/clinical split focus
  • Seek out PT positions with high growth opportunities
  • Seek out clinics serving an orthopedic and neurological population for direct patient care experience
  • Maintain active membership in APTA

Electives & Capstone

COHE 6300 – Health Law

PHYT 875 – Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention

PHYT 854 – Capstone Project: The immediate effects of heel lifts in ambulatory boys with DMD: a pilot study.

Product Examples

Below are a few examples of some of the work I have accomplished during my time in the UNC DPT program (date of completion).


Reflective Statement

The UNC DPT program has provided me with invaluable experiences in developing my clinical skills while fostering my professional skills in a compassionate and family-oriented environment. Over the course of the past three years, I have been able to immerse myself in the curriculum while also taking advantage of the multitude of opportunities and extracurricular activities available to me in the University and Health System’s community. As Vice President of SPTA, I was honored to work alongside a group of devoted and capable executive partners and committee chairs for continuing education, fundraising, events, sunshine, and philanthropy. Through the efforts of graduate student organizations at UNC, the Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC), a student-led free medical clinic, was another avenue for developing my clinical skills under the mentorship by volunteer faculty members. Active clinical practice by faculty members with a breadth of experience and expertise gave me the opportunity to pursue my professional interest in advanced skills including: custom orthoses fabrication, clinical research from application for IRB approval to follow-up with study participants, program development and administrative support, and APTA advocacy in legislative processes. The proximity of UNC Health System also allowed me to maintain my interest in process and quality improvement initiatives. Taking on a role as a Supply Chain Analyst with UNC Health developed a greater understanding of healthcare delivery services through the hospital. A unique 12-week affiliation allowing for a clinical and administrative split has also primed me for pursuing my professional interest in bridging my DPT clinical training with my MHSA and health administration background. The culmination of these experiences has given me a strong foundation as I strive to make a meaningful impact in the physical therapy profession, health care industry, and the community in which I live.

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