Apr 20 2017

Owens, Kameron (Kenzie)

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Professional Goal Statement

My career goals are to find employment at an inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient orthopedic setting in order to use my knowledge and skill set to help those with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal issues. I plan to attend continuing education conferences in order to promote my professional development. In particular, I plan to attend a conference on vestibular rehabilitation in order to assist those with vestibular disorders. During my first rotation, I completed a case report on horizontal canal Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Throughout my rotations, I have found vestibular disorders to be a common comorbidity faced in the clinic and I would enjoy pursuing further education in this area. I also plan to volunteer to assist with community classes for Parkinson disease throughout my professional career in order to increase participation in the community for this patient population. My passion for this patient population and the motivation behind my capstone project on the benefits of community classes for those with Parkinson disease is my grandfather. The link to my project also includes a report on his case and community activity of choice.

Career Plan

  1. Graduated with a BS in Health Science: Pre-professional Health Studies from Clemson University – December 2013
  2. Began DPT program at UNC Chapel Hill – August 2014
  3. Completed neuro acute care rotation at Cone Health in Greensboro, NC – Summer 2015
  4. Completed neuro home health underserved rotation at Yadkin Valley Home Health in Jonesville, NC – Spring 2016
  5. Completed outpatient orthopedic rotation at High Point Regional in High Point, NC – Summer 2016
  6. Complete inpatient neuro rehabilitation rotation at Roper in Charleston, SC – Summer 2017
  7. Pass NPTE – October 2017
  8. Earn DPT Degree – August 2017
  9. Be employed at an inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient orthopedic facility – November 2017
  10. Attend American Physical Therapy Association Conference on Vestibular Rehabilitation – Summer 2018



  1. Professional behavior
  2. Compassion in caring for patients
  3. Provision of evidence-based practice with the consideration of patient preferences, clinician experience, and research when making clinical decisions
  4. Seeking professional advice in the best interest of patients when indicated

Areas for Further Professional Development

  1. Further experience in determining the prognosis for various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions
  2. Further experience with neurologic evaluations and the development of creative treatment sessions


Special Areas of Interest

  1. Inpatient rehabilitation
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Dance for Parkinson’s

Main Objectives

  1. Increase involvement in community classes for Parkinson disease
  2. Pass the NPTE – October 2017
  3. Earn DPT Degree – August 2017
  4. Be employed at an inpatient rehabilitation or outpatient orthopedic facility – November 2017

Strategies and Plans for Goal Achievement


  1. Discuss doctoral capstone project on the benefits of community classes for those with Parkinson disease with Karen McCulloch
  2. Take Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention and Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention as my electives in the fall and spring of 2017 respectively


  1. Attend weekly Dance for Parkinson’s classes
  2. Continue studying guides purchased for the NPTE exam
  3. Gain further experience in evaluating, determining the prognosis, and developing creative treatment strategies for those with neuromuscular conditions during my final rotation in inpatient rehabilitation

Reflective Statement and Assessment of Progress

The UNC DPT program has provided me with the knowledge and skills set to begin my career as a physical therapist providing evidence-based care. I would like to use what I have learned through this program to assist others in accomplishing their goals and returning to their activities of daily living, whether in the inpatient neuro or outpatient ortho setting. Further, I hope to help patients reintegrate into the community after discharge. The project I created for my capstone is a step towards accomplishing this goal, however, I know there is much more work to be done in this area. I plan to volunteer for community classes for those with Parkinson disease in order to assist with this effort. My growth in the UNC DPT program and professional outlook have been greatly influenced and supported by the class of 2017. I cannot thank you all enough! I know that you will all do great things to promote our profession and make positive differences in the lives of others.

My classmates and I supported one another in running a half marathon for St. Jude in honor of my dad, who passed away during our time in the UNC DPT program.

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