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Osmon, Terra

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Professional Goal Statement

Upon graduating from UNC Chapel Hill Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and beginning my career as a physical therapist, I look forward to the diverse opportunities that await with each setting, injury, and patient. My goal is to begin my PT career working in acute care or inpatient hospital setting in order to be in an environment that exposes me to a variety of conditions and complex cases and provides opportunities for interdisciplinary care. I realize that while these stimulating environments provide opportunity, I will also encounter many challenges. It is my professional goal to seek guidance from my colleagues and mentorship, from my own prior patient successes, and to undertake the responsibility to go above and beyond to further advance my skills to be better prepared for even the most challenging and complex patient cases.

Career Plan

  • May 2013, BS in Exercise Science, University of North Carolina Wilmington
  • Summer 2015, Clinical Affiliation with Carolina Outpatient Sports Medicine at New Bern, NC
  • January – April 2016, Completed 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification
  • Spring 2016, Clinical Affiliation with CMC in Acute Rehab Hospital at Charlotte, NC
  • Summer 2016, Clinical Affiliation with HPRMC Rehab Center at Thomasville, NC
  • Summer 2017, Final Clinical Affiliation with CHS Pineville Inpatient Rehab in Charlotte, NC
  • August 2017, Graduate from UNC with Doctor of Physical Therapy degree
  • October 2017, Obtain license upon passing NC Physical Therapy boards


Self Assessment

Areas of Strength: drive for finding answers to clinical questions, priority in implementing quality patient education to advance patient understanding and success, ability to relate to various patients given my rounded personal and career experiences.

Areas of Improvement: continuing education to develop and advance my skills as an educator using various techniques (ie. kinematics and visual learning); continue to dedicate my time to the further advancement of my knowledge of evidence-based research to provide better patient care for complex patient conditions.


Areas of Interest

  • Acute Care and trauma
  • Neurological focus in the Inpatient Rehab Setting
  • Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation



  • Complete my doctoral degree at UNC Chapel Hill in August 2017.
  • Sit for board examinations October 2017.
  • Attain a position in acute care hospital setting or inpatient rehabilitation setting with an emphasis on neurological patients within my first year of practice.
  • Continue to gain more knowledge and experience in patient care and interdisciplinary work opportunities during my first year of general practice.


Specific Strategies for addressing your development needs and interests.

  • Select a job in a hospital-based setting that encourages professional development and continuing education opportunities, and embodies principles based on best evidence-based methods.
  • Re-new my member of the APTA and continue to educate myself on current research pertaining to my interests and field.
  • Complete 5 CEU courses by the end of my first year of practicing that are relevant to furthering my skill in my field of interest.


Third Year Coursework Electives

  • Advanced Orthopedic Assessment, Fall 2016
  • Integrated Clinical Experience, Spring 2017
  • Interdisciplinary Service Trip to Serve Rural NC Community, Spring 2017

Coursework Examples:

The following are a few samples of my graduate course work:

A link to my UNC DPT Capstone Project can be found here: http://dptcapstone.web.unc.edu/category/current-students-spring-of-2017/entry-level-students-current-students-spring-of-2017/osmon-terra/

My Critically Appraised Topic Investigating the Clinical Question: For a community-dwelling older adult (geriatric) with acute transtibial below knee amputation and pre-prosthetic surgery, does a fall prevention program decrease future fall occurrences?”

Reflective Statement:

I want to thank my UNC DPT Class of 2017 family, our educators, and my clinical instructors for all that they have contributed to my education and for the valuable learning experiences throughout my graduate program. I have always been in awe of the human body and I continue to find further appreciation for our profession and our potential to have a positive impact in rehabilitating the body naturally and proactively. I look forward to beginning my career as a physical therapist and having the opportunity to guide and empower patients as they make strides towards recovery. I am committed to being a PT for I firmly believe that by helping people gain independence and function we are also helping to restore patients’ enthusiasm for life by giving them the chance to participate in the activities that bring them joy and fulfillment. I recognize the worth and uniqueness of individuals and I am devoted to being a proactive advocate for my patients. Regardless of which setting or discipline in which I work, I will uphold to provide a welcoming and safe space for those in my care. I will honor all persons by continuing to learn and expand my knowledge in order to best serve an individual’s distinct needs. This is a duty I uphold for myself, the profession and the people it serves, throughout my clinical experiences and the longevity of my career.


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