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Huryta, Whitney

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Professional Goal

It is my professional goal to become a skilled and well-rounded physical therapist with my doctor of physical therapy degree. Though my current goal is to work in a general outpatient setting, I aspire to attain my multiple sclerosis certified specialist and neurologic specialist certifications, in order to better provide services to these patient populations. It is my goal to utilize evidence-based physical therapy to improve the quality of life of those I work with and provide education that would enhance their independence in healthcare management.

Career Plan

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science (UNC Wilmington) 2012
  • Master of Science with concentration in Marine Biology (UNC Wilmington) 2014
  • UNC Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (August 2014-August 2017)
    • Clinical Rotation 1: NC Center for Physical Therapy, Durham, NC 27713
    • Clinical Rotation 2: UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    • Clinical Rotation 3: UNC Hospital Acute Neurology Rotation, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
    • Clinical Rotation 4: Federal Medical Complex at Butner, NC
  • Continue APTA membership 2014 onward
  • Attend National Student Conclave 2015
  • Obtain LSVTbig certification 2015
  • Lead Medical Mission Trip to Orissa India, through GHI Dec 2015-Jan 2016
  • MS Step Up Program 2015-2017
    • Organize and lead MS Walk in Raleigh NC Team
    • Present poster at CMSC 2016
    • Plan and implement research project as a part of Capstone 2016-2017
    • Present case study at ground rounds 2017
    • Run Free from Falls for Pts with MS 2017
    • Organize Journal Club 2016-2017
    • Attend CMSC 2017
  • Sit for licensure exam July 2017
  • 4 month medical mission trip to Peru 2017
  • Attain a full-time position as a physical therapist in NC 2018
  • Complete continuing education courses appropriate for practice setting
  • Sit for the MSCS exam in 2nd year of clinical experience, caseload permitting
  • Within 10 years of practice, earn NCS certification

Self Assessment


  1. Participation in MS Step Up program
  2. Passion for continuing education
  3. Experience working with Pts with neurological conditions
  4. Previous experience with research, teaching and presenting through achieving Master of Science degree
  5. Compassion
  6. Positivity and eagerness to learn and grow as a professional in physical therapy

Areas for professional development 

  1. Orthopedic evaluation and treatment
  2. Physical therapy-specific research project
  3. Manual techniques


  1. Improve final score on MSCRS to above average or excellent competence on at least 90% of all of the items
  2. Present Capstone research project at a national conference
  3. Graduate as a doctor of physical therapy in August 2017
  4. Provide physical therapy services to underserved populations both internationally and locally

Outline of Course Plan 


  • PHYT 875 Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention (3)
  • PHYT 754 Research Experience (2)
  • PHYT 800 Fall/Spring Independent Study “Teacher/Scholar” (1)


  • PHYT 870 Integrated Clinical Experience (1)


  • Research Project with Prue to be presented as a poster- Ampyra and physical therapy- impact on Pts with MS

Specific Strategies for Professional Development

  1. Participate in at least 1 credit integrated clinical experience, in an outpatient orthopedic setting in order to improve in orthopedic evaluation and treatment
  2. Perform research under supervision of Prue Plummer for capstone project and present at national conference
  3. Travel to Peru after licensed to aid an underserved population and develop leadership in international missions
  4. Continue to be an active ambassador of the Allied Health Division

Product Examples

  1. Lecture Materials from Teaching Scholar Elective
    As a part of my time at UNC chapel Hill, I was able to develop and present a 4 hour lecture for the second year doctor of physical therapy students who were enrolled in Neuromuscular Intervention II. I have linked the lecture materials in PDF format here: Multiple Sclerosis Lecture Part 1-Background InformationMS Lecture Part 2- MS Physical Therapy,MS Lecture Part 3- Case Study. After the lecture ended, I asked the students and professors for feedback. Here is a summary of the feedback that I received:Whitney Huryta-Instructor Evaluation 2017.
  2. In-service Presentation
    Throughout my time at UNC, I have had the opportunity to work in 4 different clinical settings. In each setting I presented a unique in-service presentation. An example of one presentation is linked here:Vestibular Rehabilitation in the Acute Setting.
  3. Final Course Project for Advanced Orthopedics Elective
    In an Advanced Orthopedics Elective I composed a paper on sacroiliac joint dysfunction, including function, tissues, mechanisms of injury,clinical diagnosis and treatment options: The Sacroiliac Joint.
  4. Capstone Project
    During my time in the doctor of physical therapy program, I had the opportunity to conduct research and present this research at a conference. To see these materials, please visit this page: https://dptcapstone.web.unc.edu/category/current-students-spring-of-2017/entry-level-students-current-students-spring-of-2017/hurtya-whitney.

Reflective Statement

Throughout my time as a doctor of physical therapy student at UNC Chapel Hill, I have had many wonderful opportunities for personal and professional development. I have gained valuable skills and knowledge in the field of physical therapy and have sought out extra learning opportunities, such as through the MS Step Up scholarship program, certification in LSVTbig, in neuromuscular physical therapy in presentation of lectures and in-services within that niche, attendance at local and national conferences, participation in advocacy day and through the counsel of mentors. I have participated in many service and leadership opportunities both locally and abroad including through SHAC, Global Hope India, New City Church Launch Team and SPTA philanthropy committee. I am advancing in my professional goals and I am excited for where the path of physical therapy will lead me in the future. I hope that all of the opportunities I have participated in during my time at UNC will allow for me to provide quality care to my future patients, though I realize I still have much to learn and will continue to seek out additional resources and opportunities in the future that will enhance my profession as a physical therapist. I could not have achieved all that I have today if it weren’t for the work that God is doing in and through me and the wonderful support network that I have had through my church, family, friends, fellow classmates, faculty, mentors, clinical instructors and the volunteer leadership team ahead of the MS Step Up program. A huge thank you to everyone who has made my professional and personal development possible during these past 3 years!

Orientation Field Day with my classmates! Couldn’t have made it through without these guys!

Wellness Walk 2014

As an allied health ambassador, I had the opportunity to work with other students to organize events for allied health week, such as the Wellness Walk!


Also, while at UNC, I got married!!! 😀

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