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Anderson, Monica

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Monica Anderson

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Doctor of Physical Therapy Portfolio

Professional Goal Statement

It is my goal to graduate from the UNC Physical Therapy program with the necessary skillset to provide high quality and meaningful care for my future patients. By providing evidence-based physical therapy interventions, I hope to build therapeutic relationships with my patients and help them reach their functional and recreational goals. Professionally, I strive to be a perceptive generalist, who can effectively treat patients with various musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions with appropriate therapeutic interventions. Ultimately, I hope to share my passion and insights into the physical therapy profession with future physical therapy students, as my professors and clinical instructors have done for me.


Career Plan

  • Bachelor of Science, Nutrition Science – N.C. State University – 2014
  • UNC Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program — 2017

  Clinical Rotations:

  • Access Physical Therapy and Wellness – Holly Spings, NC
    • Outpatient orthopedics
  • Frye Regional Medical Center – Hickory, NC
    • Acute Care: orthopedic post-op, oncology, nephrology
  • Moses Cone Outpatient Neurorehabilitation Center – Greensboro, NC
    • Outpatient neurorehabilation with emphasis on vestibular and balance
  • UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont – Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outpatient Orthopedics
  • UNC Hospitals Spine Center – Chapel Hill, NC
    • Outpatient Orthopedics: emphasis on MDT approach for neck and low back pain


  • Submit capstone project abstract for 2018 CSM – June 2017
  • Sit for/Pass NCPTE – July 2017
  • Graduate with Doctorate of Physical Therapy – August 2017
  • Take necessary steps to complete capstone manuscript – submit to Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy by 2018
  • Begin employment at outpatient orthopedic clinic with a strong mentorship program – October 2017
  • Seek out and attend continuing education courses of interest
    • Functional dry needling certification, TMD management and vestibular rehabilitation courses
  • Attend CSM in New Orleans, LA – February 2018
  • Fulfill role as clinical instructor for accredited PT program – 2020
  • Become APTA Clinical Specialist by 2025
  • 2027:  Guest present lecture at local PT/PTA program on area of interest or specialty
  • 2028:  Seek opportunities to contribute to clinical research while maintaining practice in the field



  • Extensive clinical experience in a variety outpatient physical therapy settings
  • Effective communication skills for successful interaction with patients, families, and other medical providers
  • Skilled at creating meaningful and effective interventions for musculoskeletal conditions
  • Experience with data analysis to contribute to clinical research for practice
  • Leadership experience and and experience working with interdisciplinary professional students as the PT liaison for the Aphasia Mentor Project
  • Experience as an educator: Biology TA at N.C. State University, Gross Anatomy TA for first year physical therapy students


Areas of Professional Development

  • Continued involvement in professional advocacy and legislative procedures
  • Additional continuing education in areas of interest
  • Broaden understanding of reimbursement, coding, and billing



  • Prepare and sit for the National Physical Therapy Exam to become a licensed physical therapist in North Carolina.
  • Seek out and complete continuing education related to vestibular rehabilitation, TMD management, dry needling, and other areas of interest to facilitate evidence-based practice
  • Enhance clinical skills and experience by working with established physical therapists in the area


Product Examples

DPT Capstone Project

With the guidance of my capstone advisor Carla Hill, PT, DPT, OCS, Cert MDT and researchers from the Thurston Arthritis Research Center, Kelli Allen, PhD and Yvonne Golightly, PT, MS, PhD, I determined the extent to which physical therapy was provided during the PATH-IN trial was consistent with evidence for balance training in falls risk individuals. Components of my capstone project included performing a chart review for participants allocated to the standard physical therapy intervention group of the PATH-IN trial, classifying and coding performed physical therapy interventions as balance training or not, and determining appropriate thresholds for falls risk in this patient population. Products from my capstone may be viewed at the link below.

Capstone Website – Monica Anderson


PHYT 824 – Topics in Health and Wellness Promotion

  • Developed an annual physical therapy exam to help identify risk factors and physical impairments that may impact general health and wellness for for frail, elderly community dwellers.

Annual Exam – Frail and Elderly Populations

  • Created a health promotion program serving breast cancer survivors with lymphedema symptoms.  This program was designed to help women effectively and safely manage their lymphedema symptoms and dysfunction while promoting a sense of well-being.

LEEWAY (Lymphedema Empowerment Exercise With Adapted Yoga) – Program Proposal_LEEWAY

PHYT 885 – Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention

  • Developed an evidence-based summary of literature pertaining to vestibular dysfunction in geriatric populations

Dizziness and the Geriatric Population


Reflection Statement

It’s hard to believe my time as a UNC physical therapy student is coming to a close. I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to learn alongside such outstanding professors, mentors, and classmates these past three years. Because of this exceptional support, my passion for the profession is stronger than ever, and I can only expect it will continue to grow as I gain more experience in the field. The most important realization that I’ve had during these three years is that the physical therapy profession is ever-evolving and the learning and professional development will never stop- and that is a wonderful thing. It is fantastic to be part of a profession that has unlimited boundaries regarding continued education and life-long learning.




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