Apr 06 2022

Valentine, Joshua

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Professional Goal Statement

  • I strive to become a highly reputed orthopedic and sports physical therapist that is able to provide excellent care to individuals of all ages. I hope to leverage my experience as a collegiate athletic trainer to provide intentional care across the entire spectrum from initial injury to safe return to sport for athletes of all injuries. The first 5-10 years of my career will focus on gaining experience and pursuing continuing education relevant to the field of orthopedics and sport including my OCS, manual therapy certifications, and various McKenzie courses. Ultimately, I hope to open my own cash-based, outpatient practice where I can provide care in tandem with an experienced strength and conditioning staff.

Career Plan

Ultimately, my goal is to become an exceptional outpatient orthopedic and sport physical therapist. I want to pursue any experience or certification that will aid me in that endeavor:

  • Secure employment at an outpatient orthopedic clinic with an opportunity for mentorship
  • Dry needling certification in 1 year
  • OCS within 2 years
  • McKenzie certification within 2 years
  • Manual therapy fellowship within 5 years
  • Practicing in a predominantly sports physical therapy setting within 10 years


  • Strengths
    • Management of acute injury as an ATC
    • Rehabilitation of sport-related injuries
    • Experience with various manual therapy and IASTM techniques
    • Professionalism and interpersonal skills
    • Background in athletics, strength and conditioning, and health and wellness
  • Certifications
    • Athletic Trainer (ATC)
    • Graston Technique IASTM (2016)
    • AHA CPR and AED (2021)
  • Areas for Professional Development
    • Management of spinal conditions
    • Vestibular rehabilitation
    • Administrative and practice management skills


  • Pass the NPTE in July 2022
  • Pass the OCS in 1-2 years
  • Become dry needling certified in 1-2 years


  • Utilize exam preparation materials to begin preparing for the NPTE 6-8 weeks prior to test date
  • Take advantage of continuing education opportunities at my first place of employment
  • Become an active member of the Sports section of the APTA
  • Attend CSM and begin building a professional network

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • The past few years have provoked a lot of reflection about racism and discrimination in America. In my attempt to try to understand these problems and what my role might be, I stumbled across a series of interviews and lectures by Thomas Sowell, a Black economist, historian, and social theorist that serves as a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. He helped me to understand the differences between discrimination and disparity, equality and equity, as well as the influence the history of our country has had on the current state of things. He challenges the notion that disparities across race today is an indication of deep systemic bias and encourages individual agency. He believes our emphasis should be on ensuring equal opportunity for people of all races and genders instead of trying to account for differences in outcome. I found it somewhat counter to the prevailing narrative we hear in the media, but also refreshing. It was a reminder to me to value people of all backgrounds, to treat all with the same level of respect and love, and to be intentional with patients that may look or sound different than me by fighting to ensure that they all receive the healthcare they need.



My time in the DPT program has challenged me in multiple ways. When I think back to my acute care clinical, I remember being so apprehensive beforehand. It ended up being one of the best experiences of my three years. I also remember the long hours I poured into the business plan project in our Business & Administration course, reluctantly at the time, that I now hope to use as a framework for my dream practice one day. There are so many examples of coursework, requirements, or projects that I didn’t see the fruit of until afterwards. DPT school has shaped and refined me into an entry level physical therapist that is confident and equipped to enter the workforce. I will greatly miss my peers in the class of 2022, and am honored to represent the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in my next chapter of life in Lexington, KY.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 06 Jun 2022 at 2:00 pm

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished. While you are heading down a path towards caring for athletes I am glad you had a positive experience in a variety of settings. Good luck in this next phase, and keep in touch from Lexington! Lisa


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