Dec 03 2020

Rosenquest, Krista

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Professional Goal Statement

My goal is to be a respected physical therapist that impacts patients by providing effective, evidence-based care centered around patients’ goals and needs.  I hope to begin in an inpatient rehabilitation setting where I will gain expertise treating neurological conditions.  Eventually, with guidance and continued education, I plan to switch into an outpatient setting.  As an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist, I will refine and grow my knowledge and treatment of neurological and musculoskeletal pathologies.  My ultimate goal to improve patients’ mobility and function so they feel empowered to live their best lives.

Career Plan

Past Accomplishments

Doctor of Physical Therapy at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill July 2021

Physical Therapist Aide for Southwind Outpatient Clinic June 2017-July 2018

Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sports Science at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill May 2017

Clinical Rotations

  • UNC Hospital (Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation) Chapel Hill, NC May-July 2021 
  • Duke Regional Hospital (Acute Cate) Durham, NC March-April 2021
  • Kindred at Home (Home Health) Plaquemine, LA March 2020
  • Southeastern Orthopaedic Special Physical Therapy (Outpatient Orthopedic) Greensboro, NC June-August 2019

Future Goals

  • July 2021 Sit for and pass National Physical Therapy Examination
  • July 2021 Graduate from at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • September 2021 Attain a job in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
  • Become a member of the APTA
  • Pursue a mentorship relationship from an experienced physical therapist


Areas for Future Development

  • Increase efficiency in documentation and examination to optimize and individualize patient interactions
  • Clinical experience
  • Advocating for the PT profession at local, state and national levels
  • Continue staying current with and applying evidence-based practice
  • Develop my understanding of business practices and insurance reimbursement


  • Professionalism, time management, and organizational skills
  • Accountability to my patients, colleagues, and supervisors
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills with patients and co-workers


  1. Graduate from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  2. Become a board-certified Physical Therapist in North Caroline
  3. Attain full-time job, ideally in Inpatient Rehab or Outpatient Neurology, in the triangle area of NC
  4. Feel fulfilled by my patient interactions and continuously develop my clinical reasoning skills

Specific Strategies

  • Integrated Clinical Experience (ICE) course in my fall semester to further develop my clinical reasoning skills
  • Attain “entry-level” status on WebCPI at the completion of the third and fourth clinical rotations
  • Prioritize mentorship when applying for jobs after graduation


Fall Electives     

  • PHYT 870 Virtual ICE Case Based Clinical Reasoning
  • NUTR 711 Nutrition Across the Lifecycle
  • PHYT 800 Hotspotting Independent Study

Spring Electives

  • PHYT 870 Integrated Clinical Experience
  • PHYT 738 Topics in Sports Physical Therapy

Product Samples

  • Critically Appraised Topic An analysis of the best evidence comparing medical doctors’ and direct access physical therapists’ diagnoses and treatment strategies of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Keeping Runners in Stride For my Capstone project, I created resources for runners and clinicians promoting direct access of physical therapy by runners. My products includes: flyer, movement screen video, exercise videos, and educational handout (for runners) and evidence tables (for clinicians)
  • Delirium & Dementia Handout A concise guide for acute care clinicians

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Experiences

DEI Reflection

My understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion in our society and healthcare system has grown through the DPT curriculum and experience of a worldwide pandemic coinciding with events demanding social justice reform.  As an individual, it can be easy to consider these issues as systemic and too large to confront.  However, action is necessary. When I listened to Throughline’s podcast episode about Fedrick Douglass’s, I was surprised to find myself relating to a thought Douglass expressed, “I seldom had much to say at the meetings because what I wanted to say was said so much better by others.”  I reflect on this comment not to relate myself to Douglass, but to recognize the risk of silence, whether it be due to lack of confidence or the magnitude of a problem. I appreciated the Aperian training modules because they explained the difference between being inactive, a barrier, a supporter and a champion of change.  I realized in the past, I have often been a supporter of change or even provided a barrier to change, by neither actively supporting nor stopping change.  As a move forward as student, graduate, and licensed physical therapist, I will strive to instead be champion of change, by engaging with key stakeholders and holding myself accountable.

Reflective Statement

I am embarking on my biggest life accomplishment, and I couldn’t have done it without 3 years of incredible self-discipline and support from family, UNC’s faculty, fellow DPT classmates and friends. When I shadowed physical therapists during my undergraduate studies to inform my academic and career path, I was drawn to the personal patient interactions and focus on human movement. I could see myself working as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist, bonding with my patients while simultaneously improving their movement patterns and quality of life. I thought PT school would confirm and actualize my vision. Instead, this hard yet enjoyable journey has broadened my perception of the field of physical therapy and my personal role in the profession. I am excited that after 3 years, there a multiple populations and settings I would be thrilled to serve. It is rewarding and invigorating to be at this stage and feel so confident in the path I have chosen. Thank you to all individuals who have helped me along the way!

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 02 Jun 2021 at 2:41 pm

    Krista- Congrats! You have made it. It is nice to see in your portfolio how you have managed to expand on your interests and study topics more. Good luck as you embark on your next steps. Take Care, Lisa


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