Dec 03 2020

Hurst, JJ

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  • Professional Goal Statement: My goal as a physical therapist is to use an embodied, trauma informed philosophy to support my patients from inside-out to achieve their athletic and exercise goals.
  • Career Plan:
    • 2021: Graduate, and obtain licensure in NC and Hawaii; begin practice in Hawaii as a traveling therapist.
    • 2022: Complete VM3 and obtain a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach certification, and the AFPA’s Pre-Natal and Post-Natal fitness specialist certification.
    • 2023: Obtain Level I-II dry needling, VM4, and Herman & Wallace’s Level II.
    • 2024: Initiate movement and injury prevention clinics by partnering with local dance studios. Obtain Kettle Strong First certification.
    • 2025: Begin PDTR training.
  • Self-Assessment
    • Strengths: Excellent communication skills, compassionate, out-of-the-box thinking, ethical, integrative, up-to-date evidence-based
    • Areas for Professional Development: Special skills of sports rehab, delegation of responsibilities, and improve participation in APTA and state professional organizations.
  • Objectives
    • Pass 2021 Boards
    • Obtain Licensure in Hawaii and NC in 2021
    • Obtain a traveling therapist position in Hawaii in 2021
    • Pay off 50% of my student debt in 4 years.
    • Found a “community-therapy” fund to support patients with financial difficulties.
  • Specific Strategies
    • Dedicate 1-2 hours daily studying
    • Complete all licensure paperwork prior to July 1st.
    • Become an active member of the APTA and the Hawaii-PAC.
    • Select a physical therapy practice that supports my integrative approach.
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    • 2020 was a year of metamorphosis, highlighting the shadows of inequality that are still cast across much of America. As a physical therapist, and a medical provider, these inequalities become real in front of us as we deliver care; some patients have reduced access, literacy, and carry with them embodied trauma from daily experiences of racism, sexism, and ableism. We have the opportunity to face these traumas with wisdom and compassion, holding space for healing with healthy movement that addresses the whole person. On a larger scale, this looks like dedicating aside part of my income for organizations that fight for equality and equity, as well as using my skills in under-served communities and advocating for patient empowerment in healthcare.
  • At least 2 product examples from the program related to the student’s goal and objectives
  • Reflective statement and assessment of progress toward goal.
    • I came into physical therapy school with the hierarchical perspective that I could use my hands to facilitate the healing of another. As I’ve progressed through school, I’ve realized that my role as a physical therapist is to empower my patients through education and re-educate movement patterns that reinforce their pain and dysfunction; I may facilitate their healing, but it is not my ego or my presence doing the work. While PTs play an obvious and important role in recovery, it has become more and more important to me that the patient be empowered and buy into seeing movement as medicine to be integrated into their everyday. This starts with working from the inside out, from the pelvic floor and adequate mobility of the organs, to the strengthening of the extremities and promoting healthy thought patterns. As my own athletic and power training has progressed, from participating in acrobatics to endurance running and power lifting, I’ve realized that everyone is an athlete, and that every goal can be an athletic goal, from increasing sit to stand transfers to triathlons. The only limitation is our time and our dedication. My role then, is to be come the kind of coach that can lay the foundation for motivation to do the work, and to support my patients in meeting their goals.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 13 Jul 2021 at 8:59 pm

    JJ: Thank you for sharing your materials as well as your goals and accomplishments. It is nice to see some examples of your work and what you are looking forward to professionally. Good luck to you! Lisa


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