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Kyte, Karla

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Professional Goal Statement

I strive to become a well- rounded physical therapist that treats patients with individualized, evidenced-based care. My desire is to provide care that is multifactorial and supports the patient, as well as, their caregivers and family. Also, I aspire to be knowledgeable in a variety of clinical settings, but specifically become an expert in pediatric neurological patients. I not only want to be a professional in treating patients, but also strive to be an advocate and resource for the patients, their family and the community, specifically in underserved areas.

Career Plan

May 2016: Graduation from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Movement Science from the school of Kinesiology.

August 2017-August 2020: Enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at UNC Chapel Hill.

  • Clinical Rotation I (8 weeks): UNC REX hospital; Raleigh, NC – Acute Care
  • Clinical Rotation II (8 weeks): OBX Physical Therapy; Kitty Hawk, NC – Outpatient orthopedics.
  • Clinical Rotation III (8 weeks): Abilitations Children’s Therapy and Wellness Center; Raleigh, NC – Outpatient pediatrics/neurology.
  • Clinical Rotation IV ( 8weeks): UNC Pediatric Acute Care; Chapel Hill, NC – Acute pediatrics/ neurology.

 January 2018- January 2019: Served as Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC) Physical Therapy Manager.

August 2020: Earn Doctor of Physical Therapy degree –  UNC Chapel Hill

October 2020: Sit for National Physical Therapy Examination

October 2020: Obtain Full-time employment in pediatric setting.

2021-2024: Attend continuing education courses for pediatric orthotics, ASD/ADHD, sensory processing disorders, NDT, pediatric kinesiotaping, pediatric yoga, pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction.

 2025 – 2026: Attend a pediatric residency program.

Self Assessment


  • Obtained a large variety of non-clinical experiences with children: Special Olympics, spina bifida clinics, bridge to sports.
  • Experience working with children in a variety of settings: Early intervention (home-health), school- system, outpatient.
  • Experience with a large variety of pediatric neurological conditions.
  • Strong communication skills with patients, family and other members of the medical team.

Areas for Further Development

  • Further experience in acute care and inpatient settings in order to gain knowledge of every physical therapy option available for children.
  • Obtain a larger repertoire of creative and individualized treatment options to maximize patient satisfaction.
  • Exposure to billing, insurance, community assistance programs for pediatric population.


  • Enhance my clinical skill set by working with physical therapists that are established in their specialties and creating a relationship in which they are willing to be a mentor to me.
  • Sit for and pass the NPTE to obtain licensure and obtain a job as a pediatric physical therapist in fall of 2020.
  • Obtain a variety of mentors in different specialties and positions in order to have a larger resource pool when looking for guidance as a new clinician.
  • Attend lectures, continuing education courses that focus on the pediatric population.

Special Areas of Interests

  • Pediatric neurological population: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, genetic disorders.
  • Pediatric orthotics and bracing.
  • Pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Outpatient, inpatient rehabilitation and early intervention.

Specific Strategies

  • Chose elective coursework that has a focus on expanding my knowledge in pediatrics and neurological conditions.
    • PHYT 880: Child and Family Assessment and Intervention
    • PHYT 870: Integrated Clinical Experience
    • Teaching Assistant for PHYT 701: Motor Development and Human Movement Across the Lifespan.
  • Participate in pediatric related experiences, volunteer opportunities, service-learning trips.
    • PHYT 895: Service Learning Trip
  • Attend Physical therapy conferences over the next year and participate in pediatric and neurological lectures.
  • Seek out mentors that are specialize in the pediatric population during my last year of school as well as find a mentor that is willing to help me advance my knowledge and critical thinking at my first job.


Capstone Project

The Value of Early Caregiver Education in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Critically Appraised Topic

 Treadmill Ambulation in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Lecture and Inservice

Lecture:Development of Posture and Locomotion ** Uploading soon**

TKA in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy 

Inservice: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Business Proposal

 PEDS Physical Therapy** Uploading soon**


Chiari Malformation Decompression** Uploading soon**


Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Reflective Statement

I have felt extremely blessed by the opportunity to attend the DPT program at UNC. Spending time in this program has shown me exactly why people fall in love with Carolina, and then chose to stay forever or take their tar heel pride with them around the nation. My time here has provided me with not only a fantastic education, but I am very proud to call myself a tar heel. It has been eye opening and challenging to work with such a driven and passionate group of classmates and faculty. I thank every one of my fellow classmates ( and so soon to be colleagues) for their desire to grow into awesome clinicians. I am confident I would feel comfortable having any one of them care for my loved ones. I also want to thank all of the faculty and clinicians we had the honor of working with during our time here. We are all beyond grateful for the hours you spent teaching, counseling, and befriending us. I am thankful to have you all as mentors now and throughout my career!

Also, although circumstances were anything but ideal, I think one of the highlights of my time during this program was the time spent in Guatemala. Thank you to the wonderful leaders and students that went on this adventure. It truly was something to remember 🙂

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 01 Jul 2020 at 3:32 pm

    Karla: What can I say…love the Guatemala picture! Do you have any coffee left? My guess is no! Thanks for all your hard work. So nice to see your capstone and other work samples. You have accomplished a lot! We are glad to claim you as a Tar Heel forever! Now we just need to get you to stay in Carolina! Take care, good luck, and please stay in touch. Lisa


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