May 21 2019

Mogensen, Nikki

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Professional Goal Statement

As a practitioner in the profession of physical therapy, I desire to provide quality care in a safe environment for my patients. My goal is to use my skills developed during PT school and in practice to incorporate the most effective, evidence-based care to improve the outcomes for my patients. My goal upon graduation is to work in an orthopedic setting that includes pelvic health physical therapy and obtain a job that includes meaningful mentorship. I will be a lifelong learner seeking out a WCS or PRPC certification to ensure I am providing the best care possible. I strive to always provide patient-first care that empowers patients to participate actively in therapy and improve their quality of life.

Career Plan

Past Accomplishments

August 2015: Graduated from UNC- CH with BA in Biology and Exercise Science

August 2016: Began Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Clinical Experience and Continuing Ed:
    • June- August 2017: First Health Moore Regional Hospital- 8 week acute care clinical rotation
    • February 3-5 2018: Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor 1 Course- Charlotte, NC
    • March-April 2018: Chapel Hill Carrboro Schools System- 8 week pediatric neuro clinical rotation
    • May- June 2018: Carolina Pointe II and UNC Hillsborough campus- 8 week orthopedic/pelvic health clinical rotation
    • May-July 2019: UNC REX Healthcare- 12 week orthopedic/pelvic health clinical rotation

Future Plans

July 2019: Sit for NPTE and become a licensed PT

August 2019: Graduate with dPT from UNC Chapel Hill

First year of employment:

  • Hone my orthopedic and pelvic health skills through establishing a mentor
  • Join Women’s health section of APTA
  • Explore acute care PT through part-time or weekend work

Within first 5 years:

  • Become a clinical instructor
  • Pursue board certification in WCS or PRPC
  • Continue to build Spanish language skills


  • Strong desire to learn: completed pelvic floor continuing ed during school, integrated clinical experience to receive more feedback on clinical skills
  • Communication: effective and succinct communication with peers, compassionate and active listening skills, integrate feedback well into practice
  • Academic background: competitive high school focused on science and mathematics, degree in biology and exercise science, excellent performance in PT school
  • Positivity: Desire to bring a positive attitude to all environments, enjoyment of people and treatment

Areas to Develop

  • Foreign Language skills: currently only fluently speak English
  • Become more involved in volunteering opportunities
  • Increase advocacy for profession


  • Pass the National Physical Therapy Examination in July 2019
  • Graduate from DPT program at UNC Chapel Hill in August 2019
  • Obtain full time employment in orthopedic setting that includes pelvic health within 2 months of graduation
  • Become a WCS or PRPC within 5 years
  • Become fluent in Spanish to treat Spanish speaking patients without interpreter

Specific Strategies

  • Use multiple resources (Score builders, NPTE Review) to ensure preparation for NPTE
  • Participate in Women’s Health section of APTA
  • Stay up to date on current evidence in pelvic health by joining a journal club
  • Take continuing Spanish courses to build upon language skills gained in “Spanish for Healthcare Professionals”


  • Advanced Ortho Fall 2018
  • Integrated Clinical Experience- with an orthopedic focus, Fall 2018
  • Herman and Wallace, Pelvic Floor Level 1, February 2018
  • Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, Spring 2018

Samples of Work:
Breast Pain Literature Review

Pelvic Pain and Dysfunction: Vaginismus and Vulvodynia


Reflective Statement

In these past few years of physical therapy school, I have grown tremendously and not only learned the curriculum of the program but also how to manage my stress and mental health while attending a rigorous program. When I began physical therapy school, I was exactly not sure what I was interested in and originally thought I might work in pediatrics. After extensive coursework, clinicals and introduction to acute care and pelvic health physical therapy, my plan has totally changed! I learned that although I love children, I prefer treating adults because I am so extroverted and love having meaningful conversations with my patients. I have developed a passion for both acute care physical therapy and the importance of early mobilization and avoiding bedrest if possible, as well as the specialty of pelvic health physical therapy. My understanding of the field of physical therapy was greatly limited prior to school and expanded greatly throughout. I am thrilled to be able to attempt different settings, specialties, and patient populations throughout my career. As I reflect upon this experience, I finally feel that I have reached the confidence level to enter the field of physical therapy and effectively treat patients- I was not sure that would ever happen! I appreciate all the effort put forth from professors, clinical instructors, and my peers to ensure I had the best learning experience possible and feel equipped to make a positive impact on my future patient’s lives.




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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 03 Jun 2019 at 11:32 am

    Nikki: I am so happy to get to see your portfolio. I am thrilled for you and how far you have come and evolved in both your interests and your skills. Great job! Good luck to you. Lisa


  2.   McMikeon 20 Jun 2019 at 11:26 am

    Great job on your portfolio! It was nice having you in ICE last fall, I appreciate your dedication to growing as a clinician. Keep up the great work as you get started on the next chapter in life.


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