May 21 2019

Manik, Hannah

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Professional Goal Statement

My professional goal is to continue to evolve and grow as a well-rounded generalist who is able to holistically manage a variety of movement diagnoses across the lifespan. In particular, I plan to continue honing my ability to manage biopsychosocial factors that complicate patients’ prognosis. Furthermore, I aspire to improve equitable access to preventative health care services by increasing awareness for the role of physical therapy in upstream care and health-care-cost containment for both individuals and insurance companies. Throughout my career, I intend to use my curiosity, creativity, and communication skills to advance the profession and enhance the quality of care I provide to my patients.

Career Plan

  • May 2016: Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Sociology
  • August 2016-2019: Began UNC-Chapel Hill Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
    • Clinical Rotation 1: Acute Care, UNC Hospital; Chapel Hill, NC
    • Clinical Rotation 2: Randolph County Public School System; Asheboro, NC
    • Clinical Rotation 3: Pivot Physical Therapy Outpatient Orthopedics; Wilmington, NC
    • Clinical Rotation 4: UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care, Chapel Hill, NC- Pelvic Health Specialty
  • February 2019: Attended Herman & Wallace Pelvic Floor Level 1 Course- Alexandria, VA
  • July 2019: Sit for NPTE licensing exam
  • August 2019: Earn Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill
  • September 2019-2021: Gain experience as a practicing clinician in a setting that provides me with mentorship
  • 2022: Board Certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist
  • Lifelong involvement with APTA



  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to connect and build rapport with diverse patient populations
  • Patience and adaptability
  • Commitment to increasing access to physical therapy and increasing equity in our health care system
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Commitment to learning and openness to constructive feedback

Areas for Further Development:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of complex orthopedic cases
  • Improving my knowledge of available community resources for patients
  • Expanding my knowledge of other health care professionals “toolboxes” and increasing my ability to collaborate with them to improve patient care
  • Involvement in APTA and in-depth awareness of current practice issues related to the physical therapy field and our health-care system.


  • Prepare for and pass the NPTE and become a board-certified physical therapist by October 2019 the latest
  • Start documenting my direct pelvic health care hours to add to the 2000 required to sit for my PRPC exam
  • Become a Board Certified Women’s Health Physical Therapist by 2022
  • Obtain a management position by 2024

Specific Strategies

  • Create and follow a study plan to pass the NPTE licensing exam
  • Increase my involvement with the APTA to positively affect PT practice
  • Attend Herman & Wallace Pelvic Floor Level 2A course to hone my skills as a pelvic health therapist
  • Pursue other continuing education opportunities that pique my interest to keep building my physical therapy “toolbox.”


  • Research Experience: Predictors of Research Productivity Among Physical Therapy Programs in the United States: an Observational Study with Dr. Debby Givens and Chris Lane
  • Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention

Product Examples

Reflective Statement

Over the past three years, I have come full circle from feeling unsure of my direction in the field of physical therapy to feeling passionate about a multitude of PT practice areas and issues. I am grateful to have received a generalist education at UNC, which has allowed me to pursue all of my interests and curiosities. These include pelvic health, pediatrics, chronic pain management, neuroplasticity, health care policy, and more. Although I plan to continue growing my generalist mindset, my next challenge will be to narrow my focus and direction. As I enter the workforce, I will stay flexible, keep an open mind to opportunities, and begin to pursue whatever path feels most fulfilling in that it best allows me to affect positive changes for my patients, the profession, and/or society at large.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 03 Jun 2019 at 11:30 am

    Hannah: Great job on your portfolio. It is really nice to see all you have accomplished. Please take a look at the neuro science topic product sample as it was not opening for me. Good luck to you! Lisa


  2.   پکیجon 30 Jan 2021 at 2:44 am

    your cv is so great i like it so much please keep going


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