May 21 2019

Kazmaier, Jenna

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Professional Goal Statement:

 As a new clinician, my immediate goals are to hone my skills as a generalized physical therapist able to treat patients from a comprehensive mind-body appreciation. I strive to never let complacency in my skills replace competency, and to seek knowledge, empathy and varied perspectives to enhance my practice. I intend to have a long career, and so my goals are to keep an open mind in where I practice. While I will likely start out in an orthopedic setting, my hope is to experience patient care across the continuum, in acute care or inpatient rehab settings. Above all, my goals are to maintain my drive to provide evidenced based and compassionate care for all and to better the health of both the individual and society.

Career Plan:

 May 2014: Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science, double major in Global Studies, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2010-2014)

August 2016: Begin UNC Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

  • Clinical Rotation I (8 weeks, Chapel Hill, NC):
    • UNC Hospital, Acute Care – MICU and Neuro
  • Clinical Rotation II (8 weeks, Chapel Hill, NC):
    • UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care – outpatient neuro
  • Clinical Rotation III (8 weeks, Brevard/Asheville, NC):
    • Perfect Balance Physical Therapy – outpatient orthopedics with emphasis in pelvic floor physical therapy.
  • Clinical Rotation IV (12 weeks, Chapel Hill, NC):
    • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Center, Inc. – outpatient orthopedics

 July 2019: Sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination to become a licensed physical therapist

August 2019: Earn Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

September 2019: Be employed by an outpatient physical therapy clinic, preferably where I can treat a variety of patients with both orthopedic and neurological conditions, and pursue a mentorship relationship from an experienced physical therapist.

2020 and beyond: Complete a neurologic residency.



  • Variety of clinical experiences, creating a passion to help the whole patient with neurological conditions and orthopedic and pelvic complications.
  • Extra-curricular work with individuals with SCI and TBI, creatively problem-solving mobility and positional needs to optimize ADL independence.
  • Able to communicate with patients effectively and appropriately in regards to sensitive pelvic-related topics.
  • Commitment to spending the extra time finding appropriate resources for my patients.
  • Certification of completion for Herman & Wallace Intro to Pelvic Floor course 1 (completed 02/2018).

Areas for Further Development:

  • Continue education in pelvic health, finishing the courses through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Health Institute.
  • Further my ability to treat a variety of orthopedic conditions, including chronic pain.


  • Gain a well-rounded education to become competent as an evidenced based general physical therapist and pass the NPTE.
  • Graduate from the UNC DPT program in August 2019.
  • Pursue a neurological residency by 2030.

Strategies for Success:

  • Electives in DPT program:
    • Advanced Orthopedics (Fall 2018)
    • Teacher Scholar Program – Neuromuscular Assessment and Intervention I (Fall 2018)
    • Integrated Clinical Experience – Orthopedic (Fall 2018)
    • Tyrell County Service-Learning Trip (Spring 2019)
  • Obtain a position that allows a mentorship relationship to foster professional growth as a new graduate.
  • Maintain involvement with the APTA, through membership and attendance at conferences and through local and national advocacy issues for the profession.

Product Examples:


Reflective statement:

 Over the last several years I have grown in my awareness of physical therapy’s impact on the health of individuals and society at large. A patient may present with a “simple” diagnosis, but a thorough knowledge of orthopedics, neuromuscular rehabilitation and systems interaction are key for optimal, lasting outcomes. I am grateful for the clinical opportunities throughout my education to work in highly varied settings and across the patient care continuum. I also feel like my extra-curricular activities, serving as a caregiver and in the community, have strengthened my creativity in rehabilitative methods, as well as my joy in serving others. I look forward to starting my career and to continue growing in this field.



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  1.   Debbie Thorpeon 11 Jun 2019 at 1:57 pm

    Hi Jenna
    I really enjoyed reading through your portfolio and seeing all that you have accomplished towards your goals! Pelvic floor PT is such a needed area of specialty within the field and it looks like you have already gained above entry-level knowledge in that area! Keep up the great work and don;t wait until 2030 to check out our residency program here at UNC:)

    Best lf luck to you!



  2.   Lisa Johnstonon 11 Jun 2019 at 4:01 pm

    Great job on your portfolio! It was nice to see all your hard work. Good luck to you, I know you will be great! Lisa


  3.   Jennifer Cookeon 12 Jun 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Jenna – Thanks for sharing your portfolio! You have a great plan for moving forward. Good luck to you!


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