May 01 2018

Natalie Stein

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Professional Goal Statement:

As of now I plan on becoming a traveling physical therapist for a few years following graduation. I have always had a strong desire to travel and explore different areas of the country. This passion as well as my desire to experience different settings of physical therapy makes this a perfect initial “game plan”. I hope that those years of traveling and exploring different areas of PT will help me narrow in on what setting I would like to practice because I want to pursue a residency eventually. I want to be the best physical therapist I can possibly be for my patients and I believe that a year or two of specialized schooling will assist me in becoming this.

This tentative plan will most likely change somewhere along the route, but I am not worried. If I’ve learned anything within these three years of school it is that I have chosen the right career path. Wherever I end up, I will get to practice in a field that I love and that has already been so rewarding.

Career Plan:

  • 1-3 years post graduation
    • Become a travel physical therapist and have the opportunity to live all across the US
    • Become LSVT Big certified
    • Attend CSM one year
  • 5+ years:
    • Pursue a job in inpatient rehab within Asheville, NC
    • Become a certified Yoga, Pilates, or Cycle instructor
    • Become a certified  Tai Chi instructor for the rehabilitation setting
    • Consider becoming a clinical instructor

Self Assessment:


  • Great clinical experience in a wide range of settings
  • Strong undergraduate education and degree in Exercise and Sport Science
  • Good connections with EXSS staff at UNC Chapel Hill

Areas to grow:

  • Become involved in more community outreach and volunteer opportunities
  • Seek more extra-curricular educational opportunities


  • Pass the NPTE
  • Graduate from DPT Program at UNC Chapel Hill
  • Become a licensed physical therapist in NC
  • Complete 3-5 years as a travel physical therapist
  • Complete residency in area of interest

Specific Strategies for addressing developmental needs and interest:

  • Enroll in ICE program
  • Remain in contact with past CI’s and mentors
  • Continue to observe in different physical therapy settings
  • Volunteer for more PT based programs


  • PHYT 875: Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention
  • PHYT870: Integrated Clinical Experience
  • PHYT 895: Interdisciplinary Service Learning Trip

Product Samples:

Capstone Project: Manual Facilitation Techniques for Common Gait Impairments Post Stroke

Inservice Presentation: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and How to Treat it


Reflective Statement:

These past three years of physical therapy school have been such an insane and enjoyable whirlwind. I entered UNC’s program immediately after graduating undergrad here at UNC and prepared myself for three rigorous years of schooling. I had absolutely no idea what direction I wanted to take my career and I can safely say that I still have no idea. I thought that my four various clinical rotations within different specialties of PT would help narrow down my decision, but they only made me even more indecisive. I honestly enjoyed every setting I worked in. These settings include an underserved orthopedic clinic, a fast paced hospital environment, an intensive outpatient neuro center, and an inpatient rehab facility. I have found each setting rewarding and challenging in its own way. Although this does not necessarily help me have a clear idea of where my physical therapy career will lead in the future, I am sure that my passion for this field will remain strong wherever I end up.


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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 18 Jun 2018 at 10:22 am

    Natalie: Great job with your portfolio. I love that you remain open to all areas of PT. I know that if you find a great opportunity regardless of the specialty area, you will be able to jump in and be awesome. Nice work! Good luck. Lisa


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