May 01 2018

Caroline Cleveland

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Professional Goal Statement

I strive to apply evidence-based physical therapy services while respecting each person as a unique neuromusculoskeletal cardiopulmonary biopsychosocial spiritual being, in order to empower each individual to take accountability for optimizing their own health, function, and interdependence within society.


Career Plan and Objectives

As a clinician, I plan to sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination, license, and graduate with Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  I then plan to pursue full-time employment as a physical therapist in large rehabilitation hospital setting.  Throughout my career, I aim to pursue additional expertise as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, Clinical Vestibular Therapist, and Neurologic Certified Specialist.

As an educator, I plan to enroll as clinical instructor and coordinate with local Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant programs to present guest lectures and pursue adjunct faculty position.  As a researcher, I plan to complete an ongoing systematic review on the impact of load on risk of musculoskeletal injury in the military, as well as to publish and present findings and proposal to reduce mitigatable risk through military policy.

As a leader and physical therapy advocate, I aim to manage a community health program, such as caregiver training, falls screening and prevention, or post-rehabilitation community reintegration.  I also plan to pursue a leadership position in my national and state physical therapy associations through the Council on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Wellness (i.e. integrating nutrition within scope of practice, expanding #choosePT campaign to market pelvic floor PT to replace Depends ads in magazines and market daily exercise as more effective anti-depressant than psychotropic medication).

Finally, as a humanitarian, I plan to remain an active volunteer with Pat Tillman Foundation, Team Rubicon, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, and Girl Scouts of America.  I also aim to found a Non-For-Profit holistic pro-bono health clinic and register as a therapeutic foster parent to provide respite care with consideration of permanent placement.


Product Examples


Self Assessment

My strengths include active listening and interpersonal rapport building amidst cultural challenge and adverse conditions.  I have been tested with multiple high level personnel and program management responsibilities, and I am a proven leader in both military and non-governmental organizations.  I have experience as a published researcher, three-time university guest lecturer, and key note speaker.  Most recently, I completed my Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) BIG certification.  I am also strengthened by my professional network, mentors, and champions within the Pat Tillman Foundation, Veterans of Foreign War, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Defense Veterans Brain Injury Center, and University of North Carolina.

My weaknesses include relative clinical inexperience well beyond DPT curriculum requirements, as well as limited skill incorporating modalities and assistive technologies into interventions.  Although I have lecturing experience, I require continued practice engagingly educating a large audience in active learning for a long period of time.


Self Improvement Strategies

I intend to utilize several strategies to improve upon my weaknesses.  First, I intend to seek initial employment through a regional temp agency to diversify my experience, skill set, and mentor network.  In addition to aforementioned specialty education, I intend to attend other evidence-based courses, including Selective Functional Movement Assessment training to continue advancing my neuromusculoskeletal assessment and intervention techniques.  Furthermore,  I intent to maintain bi-monthly in-person or telecommunication with advisor and mentors.  In addition to challenging myself with new clinical and research opportunities, I intend to continue engaging in public speaking and teaching opportunities, collecting and integrating audience feedback for continued improvement.


Personal Reflective Statement

The past three years in this prestigious Doctor of Physical Therapy program have been well worth the long journey, which officially started when I first began completing my physical therapy prerequisites upon redeployment from Afghanistan in 2012.  Still, retrospect reveals how many other events had been guiding me to this moment for an even greater length of time, and I am only too grateful to have found my way into this profession as soon as I did.  I have gained so much from this program: learning at a greater rate and higher level than since my undergraduate education and entry into the military and exploring unique opportunities through extracurricular service, such as while the co-CEO of the university’s Student Health Action Coalition.  Yet I am reassured to know that this is not the end of my learning and exploring but, rather, a new beginning.  It is my greatest aspiration to not only fulfill my previously outlined objectives but also to honor all those who carry me forward in the process.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 17 Jun 2018 at 10:34 pm

    Caroline: Great job on your portfolio! It is so nice to see all your hard work. Thanks for sharing what you have accomplished. Good luck! Lisa


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