May 01 2018

Ali Serrani

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  • Professional Goal Statement

My goal is to be a reputable and well-sought out physical therapist working in the athletic and orthopedic settings. I will use my background as an athletic trainer to bridge the gap of the rehab continuum to allow for successful return to athletic activity. I will continue to seek further knowledge and credentials in the realm of sports orthopedics. I hope to learn more about clinic management to then be able to own and operate my own clinic focused on sport performance.

  • Career Plan

Sit for board exam – July 2018

Earn my DPT from UNC – August 2018

Accept a job in an outpatient clinic focusing on the athletic population – Fall 2018

Attain either a Sports or Orthopedic Specialist Certification – Fall 2019

Begin taking on students as a CI – Spring 2020

  • Self Assessment


Effective communication

Work ethic and time management

Empathy and compassion


Areas for improvement

Limiting the amount of obligations I commit to so as to not over extend myself

Increasing clinical experience with patients of various ages and activity levels

Seeking and implementing EBP efficiently and effectively

  • Objectives

Graduate from UNC with my DPT

Become a Licensed Physical Therapist

Gain a specialty certification to increase knowledge to better treat my patients

  • Specific Strategies

Follow a study plan in order to pass the Board Exam in July 2018

Monitor job postings and reach out to potential employers prior to graduation

Maintain focus on the importance of continuing education and professional advocacy

Ask questions and seek further knowledge

Maintain high standards while on clinical rotation

Continue to volunteer for activities as a physical therapy student and then physical therapist

Meet with clinic owners and managers to learn more about the responsibilities involved

  • Product Examples


Guatemala Blog

Advanced Orthopedics Paper

  • Electives

Advanced Orthopedics

Research Elective for Capstone – Mentor: Debby Givens

Teacher Scholar – Musculoskeletal I course

Service Learning Trip to Guatemala

  • Reflection

There are incredible emotions and memories tied to my experience here at UNC. This program has allowed me to broaden my horizons, increase my knowledge, and to gain invaluable relationships with fellow students, faculty, and various instructors. It has provided me with confidence as I go forward as a future physical therapist, knowing that I am more than prepared for the challenges ahead of me. The various leadership and philanthropic opportunities were bright spots of the program, providing enlightening experiences that encouraged teamwork and patience. I know that these experiences have helped to build a foundation for future endeavors in my professional and personal life and will allow me to continue to pursue opportunities within the profession and in my community.

My passion lies in outpatient orthopedics, specifically sports, yet the program has afforded me opportunities to work in various settings with widely varying populations. My experience in Guatemala was incredibly enriching and eye-opening and will stay with me forever. The camaraderie between our group and our ability to work together with a common goal was powerful. This showed me that this program has impacted each of us immensely and has prepared us to be effective members of a team as we move forward in our professional lives.


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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 18 Jun 2018 at 10:18 am

    Ali: Great job on your portfolio. I appreciate being able to look at where you have come and where you will be going. While the program provided you some opportunities, you certainly managed to use these for not only your own growth but also to serve others. It has been a pleasure. Stay in touch! Lisa


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