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Viltrakis, Lindsey

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Professional Goal

Once I become a licensed physical therapist, I hope to treat individuals with neuromusculoskeletal deficits due to injury or illness that interfere with optimum mobility. Specifically by addressing gait biomechanics and teach/re-teaching individuals how to ambulate or use mobility devices. This includes advancing my working knowledge in orthopedic and neurological conditions and using clinically relevant evidence based medicine to treat and educate patients and their families. Throughout my career, these skills will be used to provide local and international rehabilitation to improve quality of life.


Career Plan

Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2013 -2016

  • Helping Kids with Hemiplegia Constraint Induced Movement Camp 2014
  • Guatemala Service Learning 2016
  • Clinical Rotations
    • Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital/Greenville Health System, Greenville, SC 2014 – Outpatient Orthopedics with manual therapy focus
    • Carol Woods Retirement Community, Chapel Hill, NC 2015– Geriatric Inpatient/Outpatient Physical Therapy for residents and non-residents at the Skilled Nursing Facility, in Assisted Living, or Independent Living
    • Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH 2015 – Acute Care in the University Hospital and James Cancer Hospital
    • Roper St. Francis Rehabilitation Hospital 2016 – Inpatient Rehabilitation for primarily SCI, TBI, and Stroke

2015-2016 Gait Analysis, Shoe/ Orthotic FIT Specialist Fleet Feet Sports Carrboro/Durham, NC

2016 Physical Therapy Licensed in North Carolina and full-time employed physical therapist


  • Continued education and professional development courses covering neurologic and orthopedic impairments and obtain specialist certification that best encompasses my clinician role
  • Volunteer as a physical therapist for local and international events and organizations
  • Become a Clinical Instructor

2020 and beyond

  • Clinical physical therapist nationally and abroad with an emphasis abroad to treat and educate underserved areas




  • Compassion, empathy, professionalism
  • Interdisciplinary communication and providing team based patient care
  • Flexibility and dedication to provide the best patient care by gathering information and gaining expert advice from other health care specialists as needed
  • Experience working with children and adults in various settings
  • Experience traveling and living abroad, providing services, and embracing cultures with an open mind
  • Gained knowledge in multiple specialty areas while competing my clinical affiliations
  • Experience coaching, teaching ESL students, teaching health and wellness classes, and fitness training to people across the age spectrum

Areas of Professional Development

  • Expand my international physical therapy connections, involvement, resources, grants available, and knowledge
  • Enhance skills required to diagnose, evaluate, and treat patients in a variety of settings for orthopedic and neurological patients
  • Advance knowledge of medical diagnoses, medical equipment, and prosthetics/orthoses
  • Enhanced understanding of private, public, overseas insurance and billing policies
  • Network with physical therapists and health care providers to build strong professional relationships
  • Exposure and mentorship in neurologic/orthopedic intensive rehabilitation


  1. To develop advanced knowledge of gait biomechanics and deviation to better serve my patients
  2. Prepare and complete the NCPT licensure exam to become a qualified, licensed physical therapist
  3. Create a dynamic professional resume
  4. Completing a 12-week clinical rotation in inpatient rehabilitation treating mainly neurological patients to prepare me for my first job in any physical therapy setting.

Strategies for success

  • Complete my final clinical in inpatient neurological rehabilitation, gaining greater knowledge and skills specific for SCI, TBI, and stroke
  • Systematically and efficiently study and pass the NCPT exam
  • Gain employment that allows continued growth and development of my physical therapy skill
  • Network with physical therapists and health care providers in the community and with international affiliation
  • Complete continuing education courses and attend conferences in relevant topics
  • Continue APTA and neurology section membership

Electives/Product Samples

Fall 2015

  • Advances Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment (PHYT 875): Idiopathic Toe Walking
  • Integrated Clinical Experience (PHYT 870) with Mike Gross and Jennifer Cooke

Spring 2016

  • Introduction to Medical Spanish (PUBH 610)
  • Guatemala Service Learning (PHYT 895)


The main product of my capstone was educational pamphlets for providers and teachers on Prevention and Reduction of Childhood Idiopathic Toe Walking that they could then disperse to parents. This project was in-line with my interest in gait biomechanics, addresses a growing issue, and a continuation off previous research.


Reflective Statement

I recognize there is still a great deal for me to learn about physical therapy now and as the profession adapts over time, though I will strive in the coming years to educate patients, families, healthcare providers, and myself to create cohesive interdisciplinary teams that give patients the best chance to live out their dream. Throughout the last three years, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by classmates and faculty with a wide variety of interests, personal goals, and life experiences that introduced new possibilities and an endless supply of information. My primary goal upon entering UNC’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy has not changed, but I am one huge step forwards into making the dream a reality. The foundation is set and the possibilities are wide-open as I grow into an experienced clinician.

I am so grateful for my classmates and faculty for whom I owe a huge thank you; my past three years would not have been as enjoyable or successful without my DPT family.


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