Apr 10 2016

O’Kelley, Sean

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Professional Goal Statement

  • My goal is to become a successful outpatient orthopedic/sports private practice owner with multiple clinic locations throughout the Charlotte, NC area. I would like to focus on expanding my knowledge of various treatment approaches in order to be a multifaceted therapist.

Career Plan

  • BS EXSS Oregon State University 2012 à UNC DPT, 2016 à Full Time Therapist at Everett Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Centers 2016 à Open Private Practice 2018 à Expand Business



  • Several first hand experiences with private practice clinics. Working as an aide as well as assisting with business operations
  • Experience with multiple clinical settings working with various patient populations through interdisciplinary care approach
  • Undergraduate research experience with ACL injuries.


  • Need to continue to hone skills working as a full-time therapist managing a full time case load and other professional responsibilities
  • Need to work on differential diagnosis in order to improve my abilities as a well rounded therapist
  • Further development of business private practices and marketing strategies.
  • Need to further develop manual techniques as well as different treatment approaches and methods in order to provide multiple treatment options to all my patients.



  • Prepare to sit for the board examination
  • Develop specialized examination and treatment skills through continuing education courses, such as SFMA and functional dry needling.
  • Prepare to open private practice outpatient orthopedic clinic

Specific Strategies

  • Prepare for board exam/develop a comprehensive study plan for adequate preparation.
  • Identify 2-3 continuing education courses that may further develop my examination skills as well as treatment options for patient care
  • Identify a mentor at my first job who can further assist me in skill development as well as business processes of clinical practice
  • Identify and develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines the goals and developmental strategies for the first two years of my practice.


Electives and Capstone

Fall 2015

  • C.E. : The intense clinical experience allowed me to practice and further develop my clinical skills over 120 hours of one on one mentorship at a UNC outpatient clinic. During this elective I was able to further develop my manual techniques, clinical reasoning, as well as examination skills.

Spring 2016

  • I took medical Spanish as a 3 credit elective during the spring semester. This class allowed me to not only practice my Spanish, but also further my knowledge of specific vocabulary that may apply to me as a professional allowing me to further assist a more diverse patient population.


Reflective Statement

During the last three years of the program, I have greatly improved my depth of knowledge of PT, specifically in the areas of orthopedics through a combination of my coursework, capstone project, and clinical experiences. I feel like the experience and knowledge I have gained during the UNC-DPT program has greatly prepared me for an entry level position and I look forward to applying all that I have learned at my first job at an outpatient sports physical therapy clinic in the greater Seattle area.

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