Apr 10 2016

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Professional Goal Statement

After graduating from the DPT program at UNC–Chapel Hill, I will gain employment at a major medical center as a pediatric physical therapist where I will apply evidence-based practice while continuing to cultivate expertise. I will then seek and obtain a pediatric residency in order to further develop my knowledge and skills. After returning to work and accruing several years of experience, I will become a Pediatric Clinical Specialist, progress my personal development through continuing education opportunities, continue to advocate for the profession, and become a lead therapist. Eventually, I will consider also incorporating outpatient (potentially private practice) in order to prepare for the possibility of opening my own pediatric therapy clinic. I will share my experiences through involvement in the educational arena, whether teaching, mentoring, and/or being a clinical instructor.



Career Plan

1 – 5 years

Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Licensure as a Physical Therapist in North Carolina

Employment in pediatric setting of major medical center in NC

Pediatric residency at UNC – Chapel Hill


5 – 10 years

Consider outpatient opportunities in preparation for potential private practice

Pediatric Clinical Specialist

Certified Clinical Instructor

Lead Therapist


10 – 15 years

Educational involvement in DPT program and/or research

Consider opening private pediatric clinic





  • Master’s degree in Business Administration
  • Prior experience as a Business Manager in a private physical therapy practice
  • Non-traditional student with real-life experiences and real-world perspective
  • 20 total weeks of pediatric clinical experience in two nationally-recognized health systems
  • Leadership experience as UNC SPTA president, Student Advisory Committee class representative, and NCPTA Legislative Day co-coordinator
  • Professional involvement at local, state, and national levels, including legislative advocacy
  • Personal desire to become an expert clinician by continually seeking opportunities to grow my knowledge and refine my skills


Areas for Professional Development

  • Experience with infants and patients in ICU settings
  • Experience with pediatric physical therapy in an outpatient private practice setting
  • Involvement in pediatric volunteer opportunities
  • Continue cultivating professional network and establishing career mentors




  • Graduate from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UNC – Chapel Hill
  • Become a licensed Physical Therapist in North Carolina
  • Complete a pediatric residency
  • Become a Pediatric Clinical Specialist



Specific Strategies

  • Seek out pediatric-specific volunteer opportunities, such as Bull City Fit
  • Seek out pediatric-specific learning opportunities, such as course electives and in-services
  • Use personal time to review previous pediatric course material




PHYT 875 – Advanced Orthopedic Assessment and Intervention

Review of Meniscal Fibrocartilage in the Knee


PHYT 885 – Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) for Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy


PHYT 854 – Capstone Project

Meniscal Fibrocartilage of the Knee: Review of Current Evidence



Product Examples

PHYT 752 – Evidence Based Practice II

Critically Appraised Topic


PHYT 824 – Health Promotion and Wellness

Community Health Program Proposal


PHYT 885 – Advanced Neuromuscular Intervention

Impaired Executive Function in People with Developmental Delay

Article Summary and Implications for Practice

Cerebral Palsy & Hemiplegia



Other Professional Activities

  • UNC Student Physical Therapy Association president
  • UNC DPT Student Advisory Committee class representative
  • APTA Student Leadership Project Committee
  • NCPTA Legislative Day co-coordinator
  • Interdisciplinary panel member, hosted by UNC Physician Assistant program
  • Legislative advocacy
    • APTA Capitol Hill Day & Federal Advocacy Forum
    • NCPTA Legislative Day
  • Conference attendance
    • APTA Combined Sections Meeting & NEXT Conference
    • NCPTA Fall Conference & Capitol District Meeting
  • Member of Spinal Manipulation Task Force and NCPTA Key Contact
  • Business manager of a private outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice



Reflective Statement

My time in the UNC DPT program has been an amazing adventure and a life experience that I will never forget. I feel incredibly fortunate that the stars aligned and allowed me to have been a part of this particular program. The faculty has invested themselves in the students and the administration has created a culture that fosters a genuine sense of family. In addition to a top-notch education, I feel that I’ve also been provided the tools necessary to achieve success in this unique and amazing profession. And my mates! What an impressive and inspiring group of colleagues – a group that I’m very proud to be associated with both now and always. So many remarkable individuals who collectively will go on to serve the program proudly with their professional achievements. I wasn’t a Tarheel born or bred. Mine was a conversion experience, a gradual transfiguration molded by the meaningful and genuine contribution of the UNC DPT family. I’m eternally grateful to have had this time with you all.



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