Apr 10 2016

Bohling, Corinne

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Professional Goals

It is my professional goal to become a well-respected doctor of physical therapy who has earned my Neurologic Specialist Certification, with a focus on treating patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Within one to three years of clinical practice, I hope to begin pursuing a PhD in order to contribute to the body of knowledge available to guide PT practice for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Career Plan

  • Complete Capstone project to include assisting with a pilot study on combining dalfampridine with physical therapy for gait rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis.
  • Write an abstract from my capstone research experience to submit for presentation at a national conference or for publication.
  • Complete MS STEP UP modules and projects including co-presenting at grand rounds, co-leading Free from Falls, and hosting a journal club meeting.
  • Obtain LSVT BIG certification.
  • Continue APTA and NCPTA membership, attend local and national conferences, and remain active in the neurology and geriatric SIGs of the APTA.
  • Graduate from UNC with my DPT in August 2016.
  • Pass the NPTE in July 2016.
  • Begin work in an outpatient neuro PT setting in August/September of 2016.
  • Take neuro and vestibular PT courses as available/appropriate beginning the fall of 2016.
  • Earn my MSCS by my 2nd year of clinical practice (if my patient caseload meets necessary criteria).
  • Apply to begin working on my PhD within my first 3 years of clinical practice.
  • Earn my NSC by my 5th year of clinical practice (if my clinical hours meet necessary criteria and my academic schedule allows adequate preparation)

Self Assessment


  • Previous experience as school counselor with M.Ed. in school counseling, which lends professional experience, communication and mediation skills, ability to read and appropriately respond to patient/caregiver emotions, and experience in addressing difficult topics with clients and their families.
  • Participation in the MS STEP UP program which has developed my familiarity with PT treatment for patients with neurodegenerative disorders beyond that of the standard DPT curriculum.
  • Experience in organizational leadership positions, such as Continuing Education chair of the SPTA and secretary of the NCPTA Student Interest Group.

    Areas for Professional Development

  • Neuro PT evaluation and treatment for stroke, TBI, and SCI
  • Orthopedic evaluation and treatment skills
  • Exposure to PT-specific research processes.


My special area of interest is neurologic physical therapy with a focus on neurodegenerative diseases such as MS and Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Pass the NPTE in July 2016.
  2. Improve my final score on the MSCRS to demonstrate “above average” or “excellent” competence on at least 95% of the items.
  3. Publish or present the abstract for my capstone research experience at a national conference.

Specific Strategies

  1. Sign up for a 1-credit hour research elective in the fall of 2015 to allow time for research contributions, in addition to the advanced orthopedic PT course.
  2. Sign up for 3-credit hours of ICE in a neuro setting for the spring 2016 semester.
  3. Schedule meeting with Prue Plummer at the beginning of the fall 2015 semester to develop research syllabus and outline expectations and schedule for research participation toward my capstone project.
  4. Prepare a case study or abstract as available for submission to present at CMSC conference, to be submitted in January 2016 for potential presentation in June 2016.
  5. Prepare abstract for article to be submitted for potential publication in an academic journal by April 2016.


MS Scholars and Prue fall 2015

Product Examples

Samples of my work toward achieving my professional goals include the Research Abstract for the Human Movement Science Research Symposium that I co-wrote with my classmates Lexie Williams and Ellese Nickles and with Dr. Prue Plummer, as well as the Grand Rounds PowerPoint presentation that Lexie and I created and presented about the evaluation and treatment of a patient with multiple sclerosis.

Reflective Statement

I am pleased to look back at what I have accomplished during my time in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Over the past three years, I have greatly expanded my knowledge and skills for working with patients who have neurological concerns, and I have gained a deeper understanding of research in physical therapy.  Thanks to the support of Dr. Plummer and collaborative efforts with Lexie and Ellese, I have made great progress toward my professional goals and on track to continue to work toward them as I graduate and head into my future professional life.  I would also like to thank the MS STEP UP Volunteer Leadership Team and numerous faculty members and classmates who offered support and shared their knowledge and wisdom with me along the way.   It is my hope that all of these efforts will culminate in exceptional care for my future patients and my ability to contribute to the advancement of the profession and improvement of global patient care through research.

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  1.   Vicki Merceron 15 Jun 2016 at 4:31 pm

    I’ve really enjoyed working with you in the classroom, the clinic, and the community! I know you will make great contributions to the neuro PT world.




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