Apr 10 2016

Ayers, Krissy

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Reflective Statement

I am so honored to be a part, and a soon-to-be alumna, of UNC’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, and when I reflect on these past 3 years I know I would not be where I am today without the love of my family and friends, the encouragement from my peers, and the support from my professors. Thank you, I am forever grateful!

While reflecting on these past 3 years, it makes me aware of how much I have personally and professionally grown. I came into this program with a love of many different physical therapy settings- pediatrics, in-patient, and Pilates-based to name a few. I had a vision that I would define my clinical interests and I would start to build my expertise on one physical therapy specialty while in the comprehensive DPT program. However, I quickly learned that I didn’t need to limit my interests, but instead I should expand my knowledge on all of them while gaining a broad physical therapy background, and that is exactly what I did!

I furthered my expertise in Pilates and Pilates-based PT by observing over 100+ hours of Pilates and Pilates-based PT sessions, and completing a 450 hour Pilates training program that will be invaluable to my physical therapy career. I also expanded  my pediatric physical therapy knowledge. I was awarded the Max Asher Gitterman Pediatric Physical Therapy Student Scholar Award, completed a 2-month clinical rotation in the Durham public school systems, and I am completing my final 3-month clinical rotation at an outpatient pediatric physical therapy clinic, Child and Family Development. I also chose and completed the elective course, Child and Family Assessment and Intervention, which allowed me to explore issues related to current practice of pediatric physical therapy.

I am confident these past 3 years of academic rigor have shaped me into becoming a skilled evidence-based, direct access ready physical therapist with a broad background who can work with a diverse patient population and who can be flexible in different professional settings.

I am thankful and blessed for these past 3 years as an SPT, and I look forward to becoming a DPT, continuing to grow professionally, and furthering my expertise in Pilates, pediatrics, and possibly another specialty along the way!






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