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Medlin, Reid

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Professional Goal Statement

My professional goal is to initially become a licensed physical therapist in a big teaching hospital, with the possibility of transitioning to outpatient care after 5-10 years. I plan to use my passion for evidence-based learning and treatments to optimize my patients’ function and mobility. I also plan to give back to my community and my profession by becoming a clinical instructor and possibly a lecturer in a major accredited physical therapy program. I aim to be a continuous learner by seeking professional development that interests me, including dry needling, vestibular rehabilitation, and manual therapy courses.



  • Previous career as an 8th grade Science teacher; was able to develop interpersonal communication skills and strategies for teaching to varying learning styles
  • Active member of APTA, CSM attendee 2013
  • Ability to develop meaningful relationships with patients
  • Flexibility when working with highly-complex patients in the acute setting to modify treatments as needed
  • Professionalism and cultural competency

Areas for Further Development:

  • Manual therapy
  • Limited experience in the outpatient setting
  • Efficacy of my documentation procedures
  • Knowledge of healthcare/reimbursement changes
  • Ability to self-assess and stream-line my time with patients for maximal effectiveness

Career Plan

  • 2009: Graduated from UNC-CH with a BA in Psychology, Exercise and Sport Science
  • 2009-2011: Became an 8th grade science teach with Teach for America in Houston, TX
  • 2013: Outpatient orthopedics rotation at Wake Med North Healthplex (Raleigh)
  • 2014: Neurological Inpatient rotation at Murdoch Developmental Center (Butner)
  • 2014: Acute rotation at UNC-Hospitals (Chapel Hill)
  • 2015: Acute rotation at Duke hospital with a focus in Cardiopulmonary PT (Durham)
  • 2015 (July): Pass NC PT Board exam, obtain license to practice in NC
  • 2015 (August): Graduate with a DPT from UNC-CH
  • 2015 (Fall): Obtain a full time job at a major acute care hospital
  • 2016: Guest lecture in a local PT school on clinical area of expertise
  • 2017-2018: Attend manual therapy and dry needling continuing education opportunities
  • 2018: Become a CI for an accredited PT program

Special Areas of Interest

  • Cardiopulmonary focus in the acute setting
  • ACL injury prevention strategies for active adolescents
  • Working with acute care patients after undergoing orthopedic surgeries

Specific Strategies

  • Select 3 electives for 3rd year that will further my knowledge in areas I’m interested in
  • Develop a study plan for the board exam with classmates (Sarah van der Horst, Amy Gwynn, Bryan Mull, Sabina Rumswinkle)
  • Pass The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy licensure examination in July 2015
  • Graduate from the UNC DPT program in August 2015
  • Obtain a job in NC in a major teaching hospital as an acute care physical therapist
  • Continuously challenge myself by attending education courses in areas that interest me and push me to be the most effective therapist I can be
  • Maintain membership in the APTA to remain up to date on evidence based research and practices

Course Plan and Objectives:

Classes/electives that will expand upon clinical interests:

  • PHYT875 Advanced Orthopedic Elective, Fall 2014 – I decided to take this elective to help me obtain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of how the pathophysiology and biomechanics of the tissues in our body influence my role as a physical therapist. During this elective, I analyzed and critiqued current literature on the pathophysiology and treatment of Paget’s disease, the second most common bone disorder after osteoporosis.
    Medlin_Final Paper_Pagets Disease
  • PHYT 824 Health and Wellness – My final project for this course was a comprehensive plan for a community-based adolescent ACL-injury prevention program, aimed at lowering the high prevalence of osteoarthritis in adults in NC.
    Medlin_ACL Injury Prevention Program
  • Independent Study/Advanced Orthopedic Elective, Spring 2015 – under the direction of Mike McMorris, I passed an online APTA course in Current Concepts in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, served as a TA for the MSK I course, and participated in seminars with other 3rd year PT students, where we discussed relevant journal articles.

Additional Projects and Presentations

PHYT752/854: Capstone Project: Graft Choices and Outcomes in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction:  A Guide for Physical Therapy Students

The purpose of this project was to provide DPT students with comprehensive information on the anatomy and biomechanics of the ACL, common mechanisms of injury, clinical tests for ACL insufficiency, descriptions of the common graft options for reconstructive surgery as well as their association outcomes, and a general progression for rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction. With my classmate Laura Rapp, we combined the knowledge we gained from completing our CATs to create a comprehensive Capstone project. Through this collaboration, not only did I learn valuable knowledge on ACL graft options that can be shared with patients, but I also learned how to effectively communicate and work with a fellow peer in creating an educational tool for future use in the UNC physical therapy program.

Reid Medlin-DPT Capstone Website


PHYT 761: Clinical Education Seminar !: In-Service: Distal Clavicle Fracture and AC Joint Reconstruction

-I created this presentation in order to better educate the outpatient orthopedic therapists at the WakeMed North Healthplex on this rare injury and surgical procedure. I was able to observe a surgeon (known by the therapists) perform this specific surgery and also had the opportunity to interview him to gain information on his technique and post-surgical rehab protocol.

Medlin_WakeMed In-Service_ACL Joint Reconstruction

Reflective Statement

Even though I took 3 years after graduating from UNC undergrad to come back for my DPT, I always knew I wanted to work with people in a medical setting. Being a cheerleader for UNC had me constantly in the training room receiving rehabilitation from a physical therapist for my injuries. This served as the initial spark that eventually led me to where I am today. I am very proud of myself as I look back at everything I have accomplished in the UNC DPT program, and I am equally as proud of and grateful for my classmates and instructors for all for their dedication and hard work as well. While I may not know 100% where my passions and interests will take me during my career as a physical therapist, I know one thing is certain: this program has done an excellent job preparing me to tackle any field of PT I chose to follow and has also instilled in me a passion for being a lifelong leaner and giving back to my community. I hope to constantly grow and develop my skills as a physical therapist in order to provide the best possible service to my patients. The UNC DPT program will forever hold a special place in my heart.



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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 07 Jun 2015 at 8:10 pm


    Thanks for sharing your portfolio. As I mentioned when we talked, I am really excited that you have found an interest in acute care. It has been a pleasure, and you will always have a spot in the UNC family!


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