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Hull, Jayson

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Professional Goal Statement

My professional goal is to become a well-rounded physical therapist practicing in a hospital based setting, acute, inpatient or outpatient. I aspire to provide patients with evidence-based care that will enhance their quality of life, allowing them to participate in ADL, and recreational activities. I look forward to enhancing my knowledge to better provide for my patients by becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist and purse certifications in vestibular rehab, manual therapy, the selective functional movement assessment and dry needling. Furthermore I wish to provide mentoring to young minority males, as well as new graduates in order to promote diversity within our profession, and optimal care to our diverse client population.

Career Plan

2011: Graduate with B.S. of Exercise and Sports Science from Winston Salem State University

2013:Acute care clinical rotation (UNC Chapel Hill)

2014:Sub acute clinical rotation (Rex of Apex)

2014: Outpatient orthopedic clinical rotation (Maria Parham Medical center)

2015: Study and take exam to attain CSCS: accomplished

2015: Inpatient rehab clinical rotation (High Point Regional)

2015 (Aug): Graduate with DPT from UNC at Chapel Hill

2015 (Oct): Pass NC PT board exam, attain license to practice in North Carolina

2015-2016: Become employed as a physical therapist within a medical center, that has a team atmosphere and possible mentorship program.

2016: Maintain membership to APTA

2016: Become certified in FMS and SFMA

2017-2018: Attend multiple manual therapy and dry needling continuing education seminars

2020: Become certified in vestibular rehabilitation




  • Caring, understanding, open-minded, flexible, and communicates well with patients and team members of all backgrounds
  • Creative with developing therapeutic interventions
  • Development of patient relationships
  • Undergraduate background in exercise science
  • Knowledgeable in exercise progressing for both low and high level patients
  • Previous undergrad research and presentation experience
  • Experience as therapy aid in SNF
  • Ability to treat multiple patients during one 45min block within the inpatient setting
  • Patient reporting during weekly interdisciplinary care meetings in inpatient setting


  • Limited experience in outpatient setting
  • Knowledge of reimbursement changes
  • Efficacy with evaluation and documentation
  • Limited experience as a first-line of care provider (direct access)
  • Limited involvement with non-post surgical orthopedic patients
  • Public speaking
  • Few experiences with highly involved neuro patients

Special Areas of interest

  • Effective interventions for early stage OA (orthotics, LE exercise, bracing)
  • Effective treatments for stroke recovery including deficits in balance, coordination, and strength
  • Effectiveness of injury prevention programs; ALC injury preventative exercise programs for athletes; injury prevention for the recreational runner / athlete

Objectives for graduate study 

  1. Complete DPT degree in 2015
  2. Prepare for, and pass PT licensure exam for NC on the October 2015 test date
  3. Obtain employment within the UNC healthcare system
  4. Identify and complete continuing education classes related to special interest area to be identified during clinical practice
  5. Continue to take advantage of opportunities within the community which allow the use of combine strength and conditioning certification and physical therapy education

Specific Strategies

  • Obtain a final clinical rotation within inpatient rehab setting to gain experience in all settings prior to graduation.
  • Develop and implement a study plan for the physical therapy board examination.
  • Develop a continuing education plan, which will allow for enhanced patient care and functional outcomes with the specific patient population I’m working with


Fall 2014Adv. Ortho Assessment

This course provided an in depth overview of the physiology of various tissues, how they become injured and the general healing process. This course allowed me to gain a stronger clinical understanding of orthopedics injuries and effective interventions to use.

Spring 2015Service learning trip / Independent study

Participating in the service-learning trip to Tyrrell county afforded me the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration with nursing, public health and social work. Together we provided healthcare services to this underserved area of eastern North Carolina. For my independent study course I choose to research and develop a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program for the teachers of Tyrrell county elementary school to address the barrier of limited time for regular exercise.

Capstone Project: Managing Knee Osteoarthritis

For my capstone project I developed an educational module for older adults on the progression, and management of knee OA through exercise. The purpose of my capstone was to educate older adults on the effectiveness of exercise for managing OA symptoms. Many older patients assume that joint replacements are the only way to resolve knee OA pain. Within my presentation I discussed various commonly used injections and their efficacy, along with total joint replacements. I presented the final product on two separate occasions at carol woods retirement community. I also provided an easy to follow brochure outlining the benefits of exercise for pain management.

Product Examples

Capstone project Effectively Managing Knee Osteoarthritis. Discusses the benefits of exercises as well as the effectiveness of commonly used injections and invasive treatments. Here is the handout provided to the audience, highlighting the major points of the presentation.   Knee OA Handout

Critically Appraised Topic for Evidence-Based II:  Project included a literature search, quality review of literature, and summary discussing the benefits of open chain and close chain exercises for managing knee OA pain. Final CAT


Upon entering physical therapy school I understood the rigor and commitment required to successfully complete the program and was a bit nervous. My family and I were ready to tackle the three year journey together. This path would allow me to pursue a career I am passionate about and allow for a better living for my family and I. I entered PT school with a background in exercise science, but I still didn’t feel I was providing clients and athletes I trained will all the tools necessary for success. The education I received these past few years will better allow me to help future patients and clients achieve their goals. During my time at UNC I’ve grown personally and professionally. Through my clinical experiences, and professional relationships I have expanded my interest beyond outpatient sports / orthopedics. I have enjoyed each of my clinical rotations and have come to appreciate each phase of recovery, from acute, to post surgical to returning to high-level activities. Further, the electives in my last year contributed to my professional growth. With the advance orthopedic course I was able to gain a better understanding of dealing with common musculoskeletal issues and the healing process of each tissue involved. Through the Tyrrell county service learning trip I gained first hand experience working within an under served community and collaborating with other healthcare professionals as an interdisciplinary team. The education I have received at UNC had been outstanding; I have enjoyed learning from each knowledgeable and passionate professor. The atmosphere at UNC truly felt like a family, I always felt the professors genially cared about me as a person, and were always available  to assist in my development. This feeling made for a conducive and enjoyable learning experience, especially during the more difficult times I experienced third year. I feel UNC’s program has prepared me to enter the professional ranks after graduation. I also feel I have a firm foundation as I continue my lifelong learning throughout my career.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 05 Jun 2015 at 2:27 am


    I know that this journey has at times been difficult. You have managed to shine in spite of challenges along the way. It is nice to get a chance to see the fruits of your labor in your projects and accomplishments. Great job.


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