May 29 2014

Knight, Beverly

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Professional Goal Statement

My professional goal is to become a knowledgeable, creative, culturally-competence and  effective physical therapist that practices in a multidisciplinary setting that involves myriad aspects of care (geriatrics, orthopedics, wound care, neuro, chronic disease, aquatics, etc) with a specialization in orthopedics and wound care. Additionally, I would like to participate in local and international service opportunities and provide care to underserved populations. Furthermore, I would like to become an advocate and promoter of physical therapy as a career choice among people of color.

Career Plan & Goals

  • Graduate August 2nd 2014
  • Take Boards October 29th 2014
  • Work in inpatient or outpatient orthopedic setting with large underserved population.
  • Become credentialed as a clinical instructor within 2-3 years after graduation.
  • Participate in local and international service opportunities to underserved populations as early as 1 year after graduation.
  • Take OCS exam within 5 years of graduation.
  • Become wound care certified.
  • Obtain leadership/supervision role by 2022.
  • Found and operate a multidisciplinary organization that promotes holistic health (physical, mental, wellness, prevention) by 2034.

Objectives to Achieve Professional Goals

1.  Prepare, sit for, and pass the board exam to become a licensed physical therapist.

2. Provide evidence-based practice and patient-centered care.

3. Become a clinical instructor.

4. Become a certified specialist in OCS; and obtain certification in wound care .

5. Promote health and wellness among my patients and the community.

6. Speak at local middle and high schools and college organization to promote PT as a profession among people of color.

7. Travel abroad every 1-2 years and provide PT services internationally.

Self Assessment


  • Passion for life-long learning and helping others
  • Patient rapport
  • Clinical experiences in multiple underserved communities.
  • Gained invaluable experience with complex patients at three clinical rotations
  • Multiple Interdisciplinary experiences
  • Experience speaking Spanish with Spanish-speaking patients within the US and abroad.
  • Exposure to wound care and diabetic foot screening.
  • Participation with community initiatives for under served communities.
  • Experience leading aquatic therapy. Developed and presented an in-service to current PT’s and PTA’s about the benefits of aquatic therapy for patients.
  • Exposure to current literature regarding the development of cultural competence among future physical therapists.
  • Language skills-ability to communicate intermediate level Spanish with patients.

Areas of Further Development

  • Critical thinking with complex patient cases
  • Expand knowledge of orthopedic intervention and treatment ideas
  • Utilize more evidence based practice and appropriately analyzing research articles.
  • Business start-up and management
  • Management and supervision of support staff.
  • Language skills- be able to communicate proficient level Spanish with patients.
  • Business start-up and management

Examples of Academic Work


  1. During my second rotation I had the opportunity to continue to build upon my experience with aquatic therapy. I developed and presented my in-service on the benefits of aquatic therapy to current physical therapists and physical therapy assistants in Rocky Mount, NC. [Knight_Aquatic TherapyKnight_Flyer]
  2. During my third rotation I explored common medications utilized in an acute setting and their impact on physical therapy. I presented my in-service to physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and technicians at the Durham VA in Durham, NC. [Knight_Common Medications in the Acute Setting]


  1. During EBP II course I had the privilege to explore my PICO Question: Among health professional students, particularly DPT students, is clinical education more effective than international immersion in developing cultural competence? [KnightB_Module 5AKnight_Evidence Table]. I was able to build upon this research and construct a capstone project that focused on current research concerning the development of cultural competence among physical therapy students with a focus on international-service learning as an avenue for development. [The Journey of Cultural Competence]


Courses & Electives

Advanced Orthopedic Assessment, Fall 2013: This course provided me with a more in-depth understanding of the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic conditions.

Introductory Spanish for Health Professionals, Spring 2014: This course provided a great opportunity to improve my Spanish language and comprehension skills so as to enable me to work with and effectively treat Spanish-speaking patients.

Interdisciplinary Service Learning Trip to Guatemala, Spring 2014: I had the amazing opportunity to work together with Guatemalan therapists to assess and treat patients at a local hospital hospital, community center and participate in a community health fair. This opportunity allowed me to practice my Spanish-speaking and comprehension skills.

Capstone Project, Spring 2014: I had the opportunity of presenting my Capstone Project to the third year DPT students traveling to Guatemala. My project focused on the development of cultural competence among physical therapy students.

Reflective statement

Wow! Graduation is less than 2 months away and I am one step closer to becoming a licensed physical therapist! My DPT experience at UNC has been a dynamic learning experience that I will cherish forever. This has truly been a journey, one of long nights studying, traveling to Guatemala, great clinical rotations, etc. In addition to learning about physical therapy I learned a great deal about myself and for that I am appreciative to each professor and classmate for making this a exuberant learning experience that I will take with me  into my future career.  Lastly, I am extremely excited to begin my journey as a licensed physical therapist and to provide a great service to my patients and community.

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                                            horseback ride up volcano

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    It is great to see how far you have come! Congrats on all of your accomplishments and good luck to you!



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