Apr 14 2015

Chavis, Joslyn

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Professional Goal Statement
My professional goal is to return to my hometown in Pembroke NC to provide quality care as a full time therapist in a rural underserved county. I will begin my career as a home health therapist as I continue gaining knowledge from experienced therapists. I plan to bring a greater awareness to the health care disparity in this underserved county and work along side other health professionals to combat them. In the years to come, I also plan to begin developing a monthly free clinic along with other health care providers in this area to provide quality care to individuals unable to afford healthcare. Some of my major focus areas for the monthly free clinic will be fall prevention in older adults as well as health and wellness programs in order to battle prevalent conditions in this area such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension.


Career Plan

• Graduate from the University of North Carolina Doctorate of Physical Therapy program-May 2015
• Pass the North Carolina Physical Therapy Exam-July 2015
• Begin PT career in home health setting with HealthKeeperz
• Become an active APTA member
• Attend seminars and continuing ed courses (neuro, geriatrics, manual therapy)
• Establish and create multidisciplinary free clinic program in Pembroke NC, with specific emphasis on falls prevention among older adults and combating diabetes mellitus among the Native American population



Areas of strength:

• I am able to communicate well with patients and develop a mutual trust that greatly benefits their overall treatment plan.
• I am passionate about and have greater clinical experience working with the geriatric population specifically those with neuromuscular conditions.
• I have a good understanding of patient centered care and I am able to implement this into practice through the development of plan of cares as well as collaboration with interdisciplinary teams.

Areas for further development:

• Experience evaluating and treating the pediatric population
• Experience with manual intervention for orthopedic population
• Increased knowledge and comfort with insurance reimbursement, billing and coding


• Prepare for the PT licensure exam
• Continue to develop clinical skills and increase knowledge to become a well-rounded practicing PT.
• Develop a business plan/proposed plan for the future multidisciplinary free clinic in Pembroke


Clinical Rotations:
• Advanced PT solutions-Fayetteville, NC: outpatient ortho
• Rex SNF-Raleigh, NC: SNF, neuro
• Southeastern Medical Center-Lumberton, NC: acute
• Scotland Memorial Center-Laurinburg, NC: acute, inpatient rehab


Elective Courses:
• PHYT 875-Advanced Orthopedics
• PUBH 610 –Introductory Spanish for Health Professionals


Product Samples:
• Health and Wellness project:Diabetes Prevention Among Native Americans

• Capstone Project: Barriers to Healthcare Among Native Americans 


Reflective statement
The past few years has had its share of ups and downs but this experience has taught me more than just the knowledge and skills I need to become a physical therapist, it has taught me life lessons. These life lessons will no doubt mold me into a better therapist and allow me to go beyond treating the physical needs of my patients. I am grateful to all those around me who have taught me, encouraged me, prayed for me and even cried with me along this journey. I thank the UNC faculty and my classmates for helping me make my dream into a reality. I also thank God, my family, and my friends for the unconditional love and support that has made this possible. This experience has touched my life in a special way and I cannot wait to continue touching the lives of others.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 05 May 2015 at 3:44 pm


    It is very nice to see all your hard work come to a completion. Good job, and thank you for continuing on the journey. I know you will serve your community well.
    Take care


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