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Professional Goal Statement

  • My goal as a physical therapist is to provide the highest quality of care using evidence-based practice. I would like to gain experience working in several different practice settings, participate in continuing education courses, journal clubs, and community organizations to expand my knowledge and skill set. I would like to eventually pursue a specialty certification in either one or both areas of acute care and neurology. I intend to always keep the patient first, collaborate with coworkers, and help educate others about the value of physical therapy.



  • Experience in a variety of clinical settings including acute care, inpatient neurology, outpatient orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
  • Effective communication with coworkers and patients
  • Active listener
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • General skill to read, interpret, and clinically implement published peer-reviewed research

Areas for Professional Development

  • Increase experience with understanding cost of care, insurance reimbursement, etc.
  • Need for general work experience
  • Improve efficiency in evaluating complex patient diagnoses


  1. To become a Board Certified Physical Therapist in the state of North Carolina
  2. To pursue active involvement in a mentorship program available at my future place of employment
  3. To attend multiple continuing education courses to maintain an evidence-based skill set
  4. To become a clinical instructor for student physical therapists
  5. To complete courses and study necessary to receive specialty certifications
  6. To play a fundamental role in community health and wellness

Specific Strategies

  • To study for the Board exam by following my personal exam study plan, and sit for the exam on July 23rd, 2013.
  • To compile a list of clinical settings that I would be interested in pursuing a job with upon completion of the DPT program and licensure exam. Apply and contact clinical settings for job opportunities.
  • After working for 1-2 years, use CEU credits to take preparatory courses for specialty exam.
  • Attend CI training and contribute to the learning of future PT students
  • Early involvement in community outreach and education

Clinical Course & Electives

Outpatient Orthopedics- W.G. (Bill) Hefner Veteran Affair Medical Center- Salisbury, NC

  • Presented an inservice on Treatment-based classification systems for low back pain.
  • Worked with multiple orthopedic diagnoses, amputees, PTSD, and manual therapy. Attended weekly amputee clinic learning about prosthetic options and modifications.

Acute Care Rehab- New Hanover Regional Medical Center- Wilmington, NC

  • Presented an inservice on Blood Transfusions.
  • Worked with variety of patient populations including medical/surgical, orthopedic, neurologic, and ICU.

Inpatient Neuro- Moses Cone Health- Greensboro, NC

  • Presented an inservice on Pusher Syndrome.
  • Worked with patients post-stroke, TBI, and SCI. Gained experience working with multi-disciplinary team to determine appropriate treatment and discharge plans for patients.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab- Duke Center for Living, Durham, NC

  • Scheduled to present an inservice on Ankle Brachial Indexes and use of ultrasound Doppler.
  • Worked with patient populations including heart failure, pre- and post- lung transplant, COPD/medical pulmonary, orthopedic, and neurological.
  • Developed and presented information in patient education lectures, instructed group exercise classes, and worked with interdisciplinary team to effectively manage oxygen titration, airway clearance, and exercise progression based on patients’ medical needs.

Evidence-Based Practice II:

  • I learned how to explore research, synthesize, prepare, and develop my capstone project concerning the COPD lung transplant patient population. I had time to focus on the effects of pre- and post-pulmonary rehab on the quality and quantity of life post-transplant. I developed my final paper on the benefits of pre- and post-pulmonary rehab for COPD patient populations undergoing lung transplantation. Final Research Paper

Advanced Neurological Intervention (elective):

  • This course helped me to learn and discuss complex neurological diagnoses. I had the opportunity to explore research concerning the impairments and interventions related to TBI. My final project focused on patient post-TBI who were classified in a minimally conscious state. TBI-MCS

Integrative Clinical Experience (ICE)- University Physical Therapy, Hillsborough, NC (elective):

  • This experience helped me to work on my outpatient orthopedic skill set working with a variety of patient diagnoses. I especially had the opportunity to work on my manual skills and use of various modalities in patient care. I gained experience with the full spectrum of patient care from evaluation to discharge, while also improving my confidence in the choices of interventions and their effectiveness.

UNC PT Outreach-Service Learning Trip- Antigua, Guatemala (elective):

  • This experience was one of the most valuable experiences of my DPT career. I learned so much about the healthcare needs in the patient populations we worked with, and also learned a lot about myself. I gained an appreciation for the simpler things in healthcare, such as the interpersonal relationships, and the things that make the “good days.” I realized that there is still a sense of quality care for patients despite the fact that resources are minimal. This an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life, and I hope to continually participate in this service trip for years to come.


Capstone Project:

  • My doctoral project was developed from my EBP II project, but focused more on the management of comorbidities throughout the pulmonary rehab course, in order to lower the risk of health complications prior to or following transplant. My Capstone consisted of an educational presentation on Chronic Disease Comorbidities in the COPD Lung-Transplant Population, which was presented at my last clinical rotation, Duke Center for Living. Here is the link to my Capstone Site.


  • Three years ago, I never would of guessed that I would experience everything that I have throughout PT school. I have accomplished a lot professionally and personally. As I look forward, I am excited to start a career in something that I enjoy and I am passionate about. Additionally, I look forward to starting a new chapter in my life when I get married this September. Overall, these last three years, I have accumulated memories, friendships, and experiences that will last a lifetime.


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