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Lindquist, Brandon

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Doctoral Portfolio

Professional Goal

My goal is to gain a career as an acute and/or subacute physical therapist, providing quality care to adult patients affected by a variety of conditions. I would like to work for an organization with a large team of physical therapists who have many opportunities to build strong professional relationships and share knowledge, and who can readily conform to workloads on a day by day basis; and where there are a variety of inpatient and outpatient departments with opportunities for lateral career movements. Lastly, I would like to be able to progress my career within this organization to becoming a team leader, a manager over individual physical therapy departments, and eventually a director over the entire physical therapy organization. Along the way, I would like to progressively expand my repertoire to being able to provide specialty services such as lymphedema and wound care, and to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of such an organization.

Career Plan

  • Get my DPT license in August of 2013 after completing the UNC DPT program and passing the Boards.
  • Gain employment in an organization with a large group of physical therapists in a variety of departments.
  • Strive to provide the best quality of care I am capable of providing to every patient I come in contact with.
  • Build lasting professional relationships with my colleagues and strive to continually learn from them to expand my knowledge of physical therapy concepts.
  • Take continuing education courses in lymphedema and wound care and eventually become certified.
  • Become certified in other physical therapy disciplines that I gain appropriate experience in during my career.
  • Apply for career advancement opportunities and strive to work as hard as I can for the members of my teams to ensure they have everything they need to be successful and to make the organization successful overall.

Self Assessment


  • Caring, respectful, approachable, flexible, efficient, and team-based.
  • Have hands on experience in acute and subacute physical therapy settings, working with adult patients affected by a variety of conditions.
  • Have observational and limited hands on experience in lymphedema and wound care.
  • Skilled in searching for and interpreting evidence.

Areas for Professional Development:

  • Securing employment in the desired type of organization.
  • Building a network of professional relationships.
  • Gaining further education and experience in lymphedema care, wound care, and other acute and subacute disciplines.
  • Pursuing career advancement opportunities.
  • Giving back to my profession through outreach opportunities.

Objectives Toward Achieving Professional Goal

  • Pass my final clinical rotation.
  • Pass the boards.
  • Applying for physical therapy positions.
  • Communicating with my colleagues.
  • Being selective with choosing continuing education opportunities that will help advance my agenda.
  • Becoming certified in lymphedema and wound care specialties.
  • Applying for career advancement opportunities as they become available.
  • Become more active in the NCPTA.

Specific Strategies for Accomplishing Objectives and Professional Goal

  • Prepare for the boards by adhering to my study plan.
  • Working to improve my evaluation and treatment skills in my final clinical rotation.
  • Pursue observational opportunities during my final clinical rotation in lymphedema and wound care.
  • Pursue work opportunities in lymphedema and wound care to gain experience.
  • Pursue educational endeavors focused on health care management.
  • Join the APTA and NCPTA.

DPT Course Product Samples

Health and Wellness:

This course helped prepare me for becoming an advocate for issues related to health and wellness within physical therapy practice. It engaged me in designing a proposal for a health and wellness promotion intervention involving a real world issue. My proposal was for a 16 month diabetes preven/tion program with African American veterans, 45 years of age and older, served by the Durham, North Carolina Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center.

Doctoral Project:

For my doctoral project I completed a review of the evidence for use of functional electrical stimulation cycling with patients affected by stroke and spinal cord injury, and created a presentation for entry level physical therapy students that described the intervention, reviewed its indication, contraindication and precautions, described a typical intervention protocol, and reviewed barriers to its implementation. The project can be viewed by visiting dptcapstone.web.unc.edu and finding my name on the left side of the page.

Reflective Statement

I am very excited to begin my career in physical therapy, and I feel as though the education I have gained at the University of North Carolina has prepared me well for whatever endeavors I pursue in the field. I have thoroughly enjoyed my clinical experiences with adult inpatients and the relationships I have made with associated physical therapists already in practice. I am confident that I will be able to make a difference in others lives and be able to provide the highest quality of care available. It will be wonderful to finally have a career where I know I am making a significant difference in people’s lives, and where I will feel like a valuable member of the health care world. I cannot wait until I have some years of experience under me and to become a specialist in many disciplines within the profession. Having the opportunity to work in a field with so many opportunities for variety is so fortunate, and I plan on taking advantage of this variety in the years to come to expand my expertise in the physical therapy world.

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  1.   Lisa Johnstonon 27 Jun 2013 at 8:21 pm


    Thanks for submitting your portfolio. It is nice to see some of your accomplishments. I know you are very interested in acute care and will do well in that area or any area you choose. Good luck to you.


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